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The SD Beef Industry Council has selected Abbie Nelson, Newell, SD as one of four Beef Caddies for the Sanford International PGA Tour of Champions.
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The SD Beef Industry Council has selected Abbie Nelson, Newell, SD as one of four Beef Caddies for the Sanford International PGA Tour of Champions.

Beef Council partners with PGA tournament, presents Beef Caddies

F.Ganje - September 10, 2019

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Promoting the whole idea of beef consumption is an every day occurrence at the South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC).  Figuring out creative ways to do that while maximizing other promotional programs already in the pipeline means being dialed in at a precise level.

Take the SDBIC sponsorship of the Sanford International PGA Tour of Champions, for example.  Reaching an estimated 100,000 people, it parlays with the Council’s  “Build Your Base with Beef” program currently in use in 27 school districts across the state. Add the selection of four ‘Beef Caddies’ who will play a big role during the PGA Tournament, the presentation of the  ‘signature beef burger,’ served at the golf course destination  ‘The Ranch,’  and it all becomes a powerhouse of visibility, according to SDBIC Executive Director, Suzy Geppert.

“It’s a great way to promote beef,” says Geppert.  “ We set up a partnership to create a destination location right on the course.  We’re calling it “The Ranch” where we can share our beef story and serve a signature beef burger created just for this event.”  She adds, “When you think about the tournament, with an estimated 70,000 to 100,000 people coming through the gate, it’s a great opportunity.”

When the Sanford International, an official PGA TOUR Champions event opens in Sioux Falls September 16-22, 2019, there will be young people  - Beef Caddies - selected from across the state. Their roll is an important one, says Geppert.

“As a beef caddy it’s all about developing relationships and telling our beef story,” she explains.   “And the kids will do all the things a caddy would normally do.” 

Among the caddies selected is  Newell Irrigator High School senior Abbie Nelson who will caddy during the Pro-Am competition, September 18-19. Coming from a four generation farm and ranch family, she knows the importance of sharing the positive news about agriculture.

“It’s important for people to know where their food comes from,” says Abbie. “I  hope by sharing my experiences, others will have a greater understanding of that and will view agriculture  in a more positive light.”

While still in elementary school, her love for golf started at the Newell Golf Club. She’s played at the state level for the past four years. This past golf season was especially successful.

“I’ve been playing since eighth grade and have participated at state for the past four years” shares Abby.  “This past year we were very successful placing first at the conference tournament and regional tournament and placing sixth at the state tournament.”  

Abbie takes a page from the Council’s “Build Your Base with Beef” protein program when answering the question,  ‘Why is beef important in food selection?’  “It’s high in protein - an important part of most diets for most people,” she says.  “It’s easier to get protein from beef than from other foods.  Plus,  it tastes good.”

Other Beef Caddies are Taylor Fastnacht, Wessington Springs, Teigan Mason, Frankfurt and Luke Urevig, Brookings.

The Sanford International PGA Tour of Champions field features 78 professionals and will be a 54-Hole Stroke Play event from September 20-22. The Pro-Am competition takes place September 18-19. Find out more about the role of the SDBIC at www.sdbeef.org

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