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Commissioners discuss speeding, safety on Fort Meade Way
Gary Matthews - November 23, 2016

STURGIS, S.D. – Meade County Commissioners are going to get with the sheriff’s office next month to discuss safety along Fort Meade Way. The move comes after a car nearly struck a house due to an alleged speeding incident this past week. Garland Dobler brought forth the issue after a teenager lost control on the road, and slid into the ditch, coming to rest just feet from their home. "I have been here so many times to discuss the speed issue, and this is definitely a speed issue. This car was heading south and ended up facing north, not going 25 mph. Until something is done to further enforce the speed on this road, there are going to be more accidents." Commission Chairman Galen Niederwerder had suggested putting up guard rails in certain areas, but highway superintendent Lincoln Shuck proposes working more with law enforcement to enforce the speed limit. "We are leading more towards enforcement, maybe adding some visibility signage. We would like to go that route before we put guard rails up." But, Dobler says speeding is a common problem along the road, and she doesn’t feel the sheriff’s office is cooperating when it comes to enforcing the speed limit. "We have many of us in the neighborhood making phone calls to the sheriff's office, and depending on who is working depends on what answer you will get. We have gotten nothing but pushback from them, telling us they don't have the manpower to do anything about the road." Dobler says she has observed law enforcement pulling people over, but thinks more could be done. Because there were no representatives from the Meade County Sheriff’s Office present at this morning’s meeting, commissioners decided to push further discussion over the matter to December so they could participate. Meanwhile, Commissioner Alan Aker will apparently finish out his tenure. Commission Chairman Neiderwerder decided to take no action on an agenda item today regarding Aker resigning his post. This came after Aker responded to a Rapid City Journal editorial that he resign because he has missed meetings since being reinstated after being cleared of trespassing and intentional damage to property charges. Aker and his fellow commissioners had been at odds because he was suspended while his case worked its way through the court system. Aker alleged censorship, but his fellow commissioners say they were following the law in suspending him due to his legal challenges. Aker’s term expires in January. Ted Seaman, who defeated Aker in this year’s election, will take over his District 4 chair.

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