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Map of proposed mine area
courtesy of Meade County Commission
Map of proposed mine area

Meade County Commissioners share concern over proposed Limestone mine

Gary Matthews - July 10, 2018

STURGIS, S.D. – The Meade County Commission shares concern with several landowners and a campground over a proposed limestone mine in Pleasant Valley.

Rogers Construction of Sturgis was granted a permit by the state recently to mine limestone in an area adjacent to homes and businesses.

Commissioners have heard from several residents in the area about their concerns.

James Rogers of Rogers Construction, appeared before commissioners today, and says his company met with concerned landowners recently to try and ease their worries. He says they want to be good neighbors, and want to work with the concerned landowners.

"Every issue that was brought up (at that meeting) was addressed. Everyone had a little bit different issue with the proposed mine site. We are very willing to work with landowners on every single issue. You know, there is a lot of misconception as far as what actually takes place in a mining operation and I was in a sense, trying to put their minds as ease that it's not exactly as they were thinking."

Edward Miller, who owns Rush No More Campground, fears the mining would adversely affect his business, driving people away due to noise, pollution and road damage.

"He hasn't been able to point out to use specifically where the mine is going to go and the permit he has is automatically renewable. I know you don't have the authority to stop him, like I said, I am just asking this commission to represent the majority of the people who live in this area out there."

Commissioners approved sending a letter today to the State DENR, listing their concerns about the proposed mine. Because Meade County has no zoning, commissioners are joining with the landowners in making sure the DENR knows of their concerns.

The commission will include correspondence they have received from the area landowners in their letter.

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