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Meade County is working on a formal agreement to help the city with temporary maintenance of Sly Hill.
photo by Gary Matthews
Meade County is working on a formal agreement to help the city with temporary maintenance of Sly Hill.

Meade County to temporarily help city of Sturgis with upkeep of Sly Hill

Gary Matthews - July 10, 2018

STURGIS, S.D. – The City of Sturgis, a homeowner’s association and Meade County are working on an agreement for the upkeep of Sly Hill Road.

At Wednesday’s commission meeting, Homeowner’s Association spokesman James Heinert says they are willing to raise half the cost it would take maintain Sly Hill until a possible grant could come in to make permanent improvements.

"I have been in communication with Mr. Ainslie and Mr. Shuck, and it appears we may be in a position to move forward on an understanding that could then result in some type of formal agreement if that is determined to be necessary," Heinert stated.

"And, then our area homeowners would participate."

Under advisement is for the county to match the amount of dollars raised by the homeowner’s association for materials the city would use to maintain the road. City Public Works Director Rick Bush says annual maintenance on Sly Hill usually costs around $12,500 annually.

Highway Superintendent Lincoln Shuck said "the city's request, if they want material, they can pick the material, or what material they would like to use. We have no problem with that. We'll do the in kind and purchase the material and assign our standard rates and that's how the money will be used."

The county is helping the city to submit a joint Federal Land Access Program Grant to secure substantial cost share funding to make more permanent improvements on Sly Hill and Bear Butte Road. However, the time frame for work to commence under the grant, if awarded, would be sometime in 2021 at the earliest.

Commission Chairman Galen Neiderwerder says work will commence on a written agreement and could be presented at the next meeting.

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