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">Beef named official
Beef named official "Meat of Rally"
Beef named "Official Meat" of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Gary Matthews - August 11, 2017

STURGIS, S.D. – The South Dakota Beef Industry Council and City of Sturgis teamed up this year to make beef the “Official Meat of the 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.”

Kita Roberts, who is also known as the “Girl Carnivore,” was on hand today to help judge entries in the first ever “Street Food Throwdown,” – a contest to judge some of the best entries available at this year’s Rally.

"So we have this first ever 'Street Food Throwdown' here in Sturgis, where we are trying to elevate the level of food in Sturgis. We are challenging our street food vendors to elevate their food. We have been going around and judging those who entered this year, and we hope there is enough interest in this to see it grow next year."

Roberts has also been visiting this week with South Dakota ranchers.

"This is my second time in South Dakota visiting with the ranchers, and I absolutely love it. They are in between fighting the heavy traffic this week and the weather. The weather and drought has been such a big contender for them this year, and I hope we can get some rain and things start to pick up. But their hospitality has been so great."

Winning the Best of the Best award was Boe Bear’s – located at the Black Hills Federal Credit Union lot. Boe Bear’s Pecan Carmel Roll won best dessert.

Other winners were the Jalepeno Jack German Sausage at Sidewalk Chef’s Grill for Best Entrée, and the Wisconsin Cheese Curds by Badger State Curds won Best Side Dish.

Roberts says beef continues to be a healthy choice for consumers, and she’s seeing that during her travels this week.

As part of this year’s sponsorship, beef will be the premiere protein at the Rally with the City of Sturgis promoting beef on promotional materials, billboards, social media, the annual Mayor’s Ride and numerous other events.

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