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Murder Plea

Murder Plea

Rapid City man admits to fatal stabbing of convenience store clerk

News Staff - November 8, 2017

RAPID CITY, S.D. - One of two people charged in connection with the killing of a convenience store clerk pleaded guilty Tuesday.

Carlos Quevedo, 18, admitted to stabbing a clerk to death at the Loaf N' Jug on Mount Rushmore Road in Rapid City back in January.

Quevedo pleaded guilty to second degree murder, telling Judge Heidi Linngren exactly what he says he remembers when Kasie Lord was murdered on January 18.

KOTA-TV reports that Quevedo said he took pills, smoked marijuana and drank vodka with his friend Cody Grady that night.

He said they were walking around and decided to go through people's cars when they found a knife in someone's middle console.

Quevedo said both he and Grady walked to the Loaf N' Jug and that's when he blacked out and doesn't remember anything until he woke up at Grady's house with blood on his hands and shirt.

When Judge Linngren asked Quevedo if he had any doubt that it was him that killed Lord he said no.

Quevedo's attorney, Randall Connelly said Quevedo wants to accept responsibility for taking Lord's life, regardless of not remembering everything that happened.

Second degree murder carries a mandatory life sentence, however, since Quevedo was only 17 at the time the crime was committed, the U.S. Supreme Court states that he can't be sentenced to life without parole.

Although Quevedo was tried as an adult, Judge Linngren said she is prohibited to give him a mandatory life sentence, but can give any term of years, even in the hundreds.

Quevedo will be sentenced on Feb. 12.

Grady, who is also accused of the murder of Lord was in court Tuesday afternoon as well, stating his proposals for the jury questionnaire are ready.

His trial is set to begin on Feb. 20.

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