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Russell Beatty, co-founder of Colt Starting Challenge USA.

Russell Beatty, co-founder of Colt Starting Challenge USA.
Founders of Colt Starting Challenge USA talk technique
F.Ganje - January 18, 2018

ORDWAY, CO – Taking an unbroken horse and making it rideable in just a few hours is no easy task.  And requires a certain mentality and know-how.  It’s a sharp departure from the Wild West days where young horses were put under the saddle and cowboys hung on until the bucking subsided and the horse was basically broken.

Nobody wins in that scenario says founders of Colt Starting Challenge USA, Russell and Cristy Beatty. 

The Beatty’s are bringing a Colt Starting Challenge USA to the Black Hills Stock Show this year.  But the Black Hills landscape isn’t new to them, both having traveled through the region with other colt challenge events and earlier road trips as rodeo contestants.

 “We’ve traveled from Virginia to the West Coast,” Cristy Beatty said, “and from South Dakota to Texas.  “These horses have never been saddled, bridled or ridden,” she observes, “and in just a few hours, using natural horsemanship methods, they (the trainers) will eventually ride them through an obstacle course.”

The competition at stock show is set for January 26-27, 2018 at the Kjerstad Event Center on the Central States Fairgrounds   The challenge consists of six trainers and six unbroke horses. Trainers will compete to gentle and ride the horse using Natural Horsemanship methods. Competitors will have a two-hour time frame from  to utilize their skills and talents to gentle the unbroke, never been ridden before horses.  It’s Beatty's goal to bring top trainers out of barns, pens and corrals to showcase their natural horsemanship skills.

“Natural Horsemanship techniques simplify and speed up the process of gentling a horse. It is detailed, powerful, yet very simple to learn,” says Beatty. “I now use Natural Horsemanship for all the horses I have started. I've also applied these methods on problem horses and re-started them. The results are amazingly successful. It's simple if you are shown how to do it correctly. Very small details can mean a great deal. You need to learn this, try it, and make it a part of your way with your horse.”

Cristy adds, “If you’re looking for high quality horse training and horse problem solving, the Colt Starting Challenge USA is the right place.  “These contestants who enter will entertain and educate you about horse training. Come and enjoy learning something new. Come watch this incredible event, and let it amaze you.”

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