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Midway through stock show, cattle sales almost at a million dollars
News Staff - February 2, 2018

RAPID CITY, SD – Cattle shows and sales are a mainstay at the Black Hills Stock Show.  This year’s consignments have been typically deep in genetics and presentation with good price support throughout.  Gross receipts representing  the first six breed sales at stock show total $944,250.  The breed with the highest gross to date in bulls is Charolais at $171,750.  In females, the highest sale gross to date is with Red Angus at $88,700.

In the Angus sale, 26 lots in the bull class averaged $5,596.00.  The top seller was a consignment from Chestnut Angus, selling for $14,500 selling to Jason Kelly of Red Deer, AB. The second top selling consignment was brought by S&R Angus, selling to Sandage Angus for $11,000. The JT Weber Family consigned the third high selling lot at $8,500.00 to Jon Albrecht, Howard, SD and the fourth highest selling lot at $8,500 was consigned by Vin-Mar Cattle Co., selling to Warren Scheenen, Rushville, NB.

Fifteen Angus heifers averaged $2,603.  Topping the sale was a consignment from S& Angus, going to Rowdy Roper Moore of Winner, SD, for $5,250.  The second high seller came from the White Ranch, selling to Casey Perman, Glenham, SD for $4,000.

Two Angus bred heifer lots averaged $7,625.  Chestnut Angus consigned the top seller at $9,500 selling to RAML Cattle, Goodwin, SD while the second sale top sold to Mike Rypkema, Caputa, SD for $5,700 consigned by Miller Angus Farms.

Charolais breeders brought 34 bulls to town with the Thomas Ranch, Harrold, SD  consigning the top selling lot that sold for $25,000 to Jerry Vaughn Derby, KS.  Bertsche Cattle same with the second sale topper at $13,500 going to Cheyenne Charolais, Wasta, SD, that also took home the next top selling lot consigned by Megan Johnson, selling for $7,500.  Sale average was $5,051

In the female division, there were four consignments that averaged $4,388.  The top selling lot came from the Thomas Ranch for $6,750 selling to Levi Black, Ree Heights, SD.  The second high selling lot at $5,250 came from Bertsche Cattle, selling to Jerry Maupin of Newbern, TN.  Faith, SD producers Schalesky Livestock purchased the third high selling lot for $2,800 from Bullard Cattle Co.

Hereford sales showed strength with 33 bulls offered averaging $4,455.  Sage Krebs  consigned the top seller at $16,000 that sold to Wilkinson Farms, Neligh, NE.   From the Fawcett Elm Creek Ranch came the second sale high at $14,000 selling to Jame Schuette, Highmore, SD.  The number three high seller was consigned by Chesney Effling and selling to Brad and Meg Frecking, Alpha, MN for $10,500.

Females in the Hereford sale averaged $4,833 on six consignments offered.  Muller Cattle took top selling honors at $6,750 selling to Sage Krebs, Gordon, NE.  Texas buyers were in the seats for an offering from Sage Krebs that brough $6,500 selling to Mark Rodriquex, Raymondville, TX who purchased the next two top selling lots, one at $6,250 from Cane Creek Cattle Company and the other for $3,500 from Deep Creek Land & Livestock.

Red Angus sales have traditionally been popular at stock show.  This year saw the top price of $8,250 paid by Robert Campbell, McIntosh, SD on a consignment from Hanson’s Red Angus.  Consignors the Carruthers Brothers brought the next two top selling lots that sold for $8,250 to Ashley Dritz, Canton, SD and $8,000 selling to Danny Lanning, Alzada, MT.  A total of 35 lots averaged $4,091.

The Red Angus female class saw 13 consignments that averaged $4,438.  Hansine Ranch Partners consigned the top seller at $11,500 going to Ryan Ludvigson.  Next was a consignment from BJ Farms that sold for $10,000 to Hansine Ranch, Pierre, SD followed by a Shaggy Mountain Cattlee Co., consignment that sold for $8,000 to Brad Arrowsmith, Bassett, NE.

Two bred female lots averaged $15,500 with the top seller going to Ryan Ludvigson for $16,000 consigned by the Hansine Ranch and the second lot selling for $15,000 to Newley Hutchinson, Canton, OK, on a consignment from Daniel Weidenbach.

The Gelbvieh sale offered 18 bulls with the top selling lot going for $11,000 consigned by the Beatrom Ranch and selling to Overmiller Gelbvieh and Red Angus, Smith Center, KS.  Paige Lehrkamp consigned the second high seller for $8,500 going to Dave Lensegrav, Meadow, SD.  The Beastrom Ranch came with the third high selling lot for $7,000 selling to Blake Steinkruger, Upland, NE.  Sale average was $4,400.

Females in the Gelbvieh division averaged $5,750.  Top selling consignor was Goldux Gelbvieh Ranch, selling Lot 2 for $5,750 to Jan Schulte, Mabel, MN.  The Lazy TV Ranch saw its consignment sell for $5,500 to Bryce Heinje, Wilmot, SD.  In for third top seller was again the Goldux Gelbvieh Ranch that sold Lot 3 for $3,250 to Lazy TV Ranch, Selby, SD.

Bred Gelbvieh females averaged $3,167 with the top seller at $4,500 selling to the Lazy TV Ranch, Selby, SD, consigned by Logan Zemlicka.  Lot 10 drew the second highest bid at $2,500 going to CH Rau, Selby, SD and consigned by Lazy TV Ranch.  Also selling for $2,500 was a consignment from Thunder Struck Cattle going to Rodney Barwick, Orleans, NE.

One of the first breeds to ever exhibit at the stock show since it began 60 years ago, the Shorthorn breed was represented with 11 bulls averaged $2,400 and five heifers, averaged $2,090.  Warner Ranch Shorthorn consigned the top selling bull lot at $3,600 selling to Drew Person, Gillette, WY, who also picked up the second highest selling lot – also from the Warner Ranch – for $3,000.  Taylor Gahner consigned the third highest seller at $3,000 going to Reid Grate, Isabel, SD.

In the females, a consignment from Bill and Debra Mack sold for $3, 250 to Tom Gorzalka of Clearmont, WY.  In second, the Fickbohm Farms consignment brought $2,700 selling to L. Knecht, Rapid City, SD. 

One bred heifer brought $5,500 consigned by Altena Show Cattle and selling to Steve Muller, Agar, SD.

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