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Jerky Day

Jerky Day

Beef Jerky Day to be celebrated Monday, June 12

News Release - June 9, 2017

UNDATED - The Beef Checkoff Program has identified a novel way to help celebrate Beef Jerky Day June 12, with some powerful support from state beef councils. That day, state beef council staffs will deliver beef jerky bouquets created by the beef checkoff to news personalities at television outlets in many of the country’s top media and consumer markets in their states.
The bouquets, in custom “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner” vases, are being delivered to 115 television stations in the top 30 U.S. markets and others. They are accompanied by beef information that includes tips on how beef jerky is the “ultimate snack hack” for consumers.
The project allows the industry to help promote a powerhouse protein snack in a unique and promotable way, according to Jerry Effertz, a beef producer from Velva, N.D. and chairman of the Federation of State Beef Councils. “Beef jerky is a popular, low fat and high-quality protein that has many benefits,” says Effertz. “We think these bouquets will provide broadcasters with something fun and interesting to talk about on air.”
The partnership between state beef councils and the Beef Checkoff Program gives the councils another opportunity to communicate with their target media outlets, says Valerie Rasmussen, director of consumer information and marketing for the Virginia Beef Industry Council. She says that because Jerky Day falls during the same week as one of VBIC’s largest promotions – BurgerFest – the collaboration makes huge sense for the producers in that state.
“The event not only allows us turn-key airtime to promote our upcoming consumer event, but also leads a discussion in the healthfulness and convenience of this portable protein snack,” says Rasmussen. “It’s a win-win for VBIC and beef as a whole.”
Rasmussen says beef jerky has been on VBIC’s radar for a few years, and is an important component of the organization’s support for its Team Beef athletes. “We’ve also built out part of our website to include how to enjoy jerky at home,” she says, “so bringing attention to Jerky Day will also bring people to additional Checkoff resources online.”
Rachel Chou, senior manager of consumer communications for the Texas Beef Council, thinks this will help the beef industry generate significant exposure. “With the constant demand for content, and the increased noise in the media, it’s always helpful and refreshing to have innovative, creative pitches that increase the visibility for beef,” she says.
“Furthermore, promoting a fun, thoughtful snacking idea is right in line with our Beef Loving Texans brand strategy to connect with Texans about something they already love,” she says. “It also provides another point of contact with TV stations across the state.”

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