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Weekly Crop Report

Weekly Crop Report

Cop Report: South Dakota Producers Begin Harvesting Soybeans

News Staff - September 26, 2017

UNDATED - For the week ending Sunday, producers began to harvest soybeans in parts of South Dakota, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Winter wheat seeding was also ongoing. Temperatures were above average for much of eastern South Dakota as daytime highs climbed into the mid to upper 80s late in the week. Multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms brought significant rainfall to many east central and northeastern locations. There were 5.3 days suitable for fieldwork. Topsoil moisture supplies rated 20 percent very short, 23 short, 55 adequate, and 2 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 28 percent very short, 28 short, 43 adequate, and 1 surplus.

Corn condition rated 11 percent very poor, 16 poor, 33 fair, 36 good, and 4 excellent. Corn dented was 89 percent, behind 95 for both last year and the five-year average. Corn mature was 32 percent, well behind 61 last year and 57 average. Harvest was 1 percent, behind 6 last year and 11 average.

Soybean condition rated 5 percent very poor, 12 poor, 34 fair, 42 good, and 7 excellent. Soybeans dropping leaves was 75 percent, behind 85 last year and 82 average. Harvest was 4 percent, behind 10 last year and 17 average.

Sorghum condition rated 14 percent very poor, 19 poor, 53 fair, 14 good, and 0 excellent. Sorghum coloring was 80 percent, behind 98 last year and 95 average. Mature was 31 percent, well behind 64 last year, and behind 49 average.

Sunflower condition rated 6 percent very poor, 21 poor, 48 fair, 22 good, and 3 excellent. Sunflowers ray flowers dried was 87 percent, ahead of 77 last year, but near 88 average. Bracts turning yellow was 59 percent, ahead of 48 last year, but behind 66 average. Bracts turning brown was 25 percent.

Alfalfa condition rated 33 percent very poor, 31 poor, 19 fair, 16 good, and 1 excellent. Alfalfa second cutting was 95 percent complete. Third cutting was 66 percent, behind 78 last year and 83 average. Winter wheat planted was 50 percent, ahead of 39 last year, and near 48 average. Emerged was 6 percent, near 3 last year, and equal to average.

Pasture and range condition rated 32 percent very poor, 25 poor, 26 fair, 17 good, and 0 excellent.

Stock water supplies rated 23 percent very short, 31 short, 45 adequate, and 1 surplus.

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