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Dekki Moate

Dekki Moate

Dekki Moate

- January 29, 2019

Born in Coquille, OR, Dekki Moate was the eldest daughter of Audrey Alta and George David Moate.  She was loved by both parents, though they separated early in her life.  At nine, when Audrey tragically disappeared, she and her younger brother, George, went to live with their father.  This loss marked Dekki, leading her on a path of service to others and dedication to ideals that she held all her life.  Further, it left a desire to stand out and make a mark in the world.

     After graduating from Fortier High School in 1964, where her love of the arts was encouraged, she traveled the United States performing in various plays, bands, and television shows.  This journey began in New Orleans and ended in Los Angeles where she helped set up and perform additional plays as well as organize events for various causes.  Her experience included what some would call day jobs, which in that time for women meant office work.  Her daughter, Wisty, born in 1967, was adopted by loving parents and raised in Michigan. 

     In the 1970s, Dekki married Dennis Norris.  Their son, Andrew, born in 1972, was raised by Dekki after the marriage ended.  With her son, she moved to New York City where she staged and acted in plays while studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.  Like many artistic people in that period, holding day jobs was a necessity!

     Returning to New Orleans in the 1980s, she investigated her mother’s disappearance, eventually giving the story and information to others, and moved on with her life.  In 1984, she helped to orchestrate several events associated with the World’s Fair, such as Peace Day.  Moving to Houston, she worked with a world-renowned doctor as office administrator, allowing him to concentrate on research to better lives.  Once her son had graduated from high school, she moved on to further her artistic impulses, learning and improving her craft.  1994 was a year of restoration as family ties were renewed and connections with her daughter, Wisty, were established.  Wisty had become a high school math teacher and had married her loving husband, Sonny.  They reside in Michigan where they raised their wonderful children, Madison and Tristan. 

     Dekki moved to South Dakota in 1996 to be with her son while he continued his education and to spend time learning about various forms of spirituality.  She became a web designer, a new career that expanded her horizons while making the best use of her skills and talents.  By 1999, Dekki had created several websites, one of which was the first website for the Gold Dust Casino.  Sadly, this was the same year she discovered that she had contracted Hepatitis C as a result of a transfusion in the 1980s.  This would consume the next twenty years of her life, finally resulting in her death from liver cancer.  

     During this fight, she continued to help people.  Dekki saw the best in others, helping them on an individual level with matters such as small legal issues and sharing medical information acquired during previous jobs or through her own research as she fought her disease – all this while encouraging her son to finish his education.  One of the proudest moments of her life was Andrew’s graduation from the University of Montana!

     Even during the final months of her life, she was aiding others, often at the cost of her own strength and health.  She couldn’t resist helping a friend plan a wedding!  Dekki was always there for others, helping them find needed assistance or just being there for them.  

     Dekki defied the odds, first beating Hepatitis C and then defeating liver cancer for seven years.  In the end, her work on earth was done.  She had helped many people and done many things, but now those she most wanted to help were ready to move on, secure in her love for them.

     Memorial services will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 2, 2019, at Kinkade Funeral Chapel in Sturgis with Pastor John Tesnow officiating.

     Condolences may be sent to the family at www.kinkadefunerals.com.

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