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Shrimp company moving to South Dakota
Shrimp company moving to South Dakota

First-of-Kind Shrimp Facility Being Built in South Dakota

News Staff - January 7, 2019

MADISON, S.D. - The tru Shrimp Company, a pioneer in healthy, innovative and sustainable shrimp aquaculture, announced that it is planning to build its first shrimp production facility, a Harbor, in Madison. tru Shrimp's advanced technology is designed to raise shrimp in a near natural and disease-free environment. Construction is expected to break ground this summer in Madison's Lakeview Industrial Park, with the exact timeline pending the completion of permitting and financing.

"We are excited to be working with the City of Madison and the Lake Area Improvement Corporation in bringing safe and sustainable shrimp to the U.S. consumer," said Michael Ziebell, tru Shrimp's president and CEO. "Though we're headquartered in Minnesota, tru Shrimp is truly a Midwest company. Building our first Harbor in Madison reaffirms our commitment to the broader region."

"South Dakota is pleased to welcome its newest corporate citizen, tru Shrimp, to Madison," said South Dakota Governor, Dennis Daugaard. "The growing aquaculture industry, led by tru Shrimp, is not only a great fit for Madison, but also a natural fit for our state's agricultural heritage."

"tru Shrimp is going to be an excellent addition to Madison," said Mike Malone, president of the Lake Area Improvement Corporation. "They are an outstanding company with Midwestern values and an environmental focus. We are excited to bring this opportunity to the region."

tru Shrimp's innovative technology changes the way shrimp are raised, free of chemicals and antibiotics. The company calls its facilities "Harbors" to reflect these new processes and says this new approach will revolutionize the way seafood companies meet the demands of their customers. tru Shrimp's processes enable shrimp to grow in shallow water that is cleaned and reused.

tru Shrimp previously identified Luverne, Minnesota as the site for its first Harbor. However, there are open items related to the Luverne site that need to be addressed before tru Shrimp can proceed. "It is a matter of timing;" added Ziebell, "our timeline for capital financing and construction in 2019 does not allow adequate time to resolve the items in Luverne. Locating the first Harbor in Madison not only meets the critical components of our business model, but our timeline as well."

tru Shrimp is focused on sustaining a growing global population with healthy, clean shrimp. It believes it in its social responsibility to exceed food safety standards, while limiting their environmental impact. tru Shrimp is the solution consumers have long desired. From patented technology created by Texas A&M University, it has developed a breakthrough approach to raise shrimp in the healthiest, safest and most efficient way possible.

The approach provides a consistent and traceable supply of shrimp to sustain the world's growing demand. Shrimp also benefit from tru Shrimp's advanced technology that recreates a natural environment, resulting in minimal stress. Its pioneering technology creates an efficient, predictable and sustainable source of shrimp.

It is committed to creating sustainable approaches for the world. When designing tru Shrimp, processes were optimized to minimize the impact on the environment. Through advanced water management technology and recycling methods, tru Shrimp is reducing water usage, waste byproducts and their carbon footprint at every turn.

Phone number: 605-347-4455
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: 1612 Junction Avenue, Suite #1
Sturgis, SD 57785