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Indian Relay Races at Faith Stock Show offers $10,000 payout

F.Ganje - August 9, 2019

FAITH, SD - The athleticism of both horse and rider is on display during Indian relay races  during the Faith Stock Show and Rodeo, where championship-winning teams, great horses, and amazing horsemanship make for an action-packed sporting event.

Races that include three divisions, Warrior, Chief and Maiden,  plus a Kids Relay, are set for Saturday, August 10th at 3:30pm and Sunday, August 11th following the parade.  It’s one of the most popular events during Faith Stock Show week, according to long-time volunteer, Gnene Fordyce.

“It’s pretty wild and it’s very entertaining,” she says.  “We’ll have at least eight teams, maybe more by relay time.  These teams are coming from North and South Dakota and Montana.”

The relay team consists of four members and three horses; a rider, a mugger, (a person who brings the horse onto the track at the start of the race and gets the jockey safely on); a holder and a catcher. The four-legged team is comprised of the leader horse, intermediate horse and the finishing horse.

“The majority of Indian relay teams have some connection to the race track,” shares Fordyce. “Or actually horses on the race track. It’s an easy transition for horses that have run as two’s and three’s on the race track to become Indian relay horses.”

Fierce competition, grueling endurance, and strong bonds are all part of Indian relay racing. Heritage, horsemanship, skill, and the inevitable chaos of exchanges show the skills of the team riders. There is a lot at stake, including $10,000 in prize money.

“A lot can happen in relay,” shares Fordyce. “The team that’s in first place when it starts might not necessarily be the one that’s in first place when it’s done.”

Relay tells the story of what every championship-winning Indian Relay team must have;  great horses, amazing horsemanship, guts, incredible determination and most importantly, a bond between rider and horse.

The 109th Faith Stock Show & Rodeo is wrapping up its final weekend with SDRA/NRCA rodeo performances, parades, pie socials and more, including the action-packed Indian Relay Races. For more information go on line to www.faithsd.com and see on Facebook.

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