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">Becoming on of the most decorated barrel men in the business, Justin
Becoming on of the most decorated barrel men in the business, Justin "Rumpshaker" Rumford reserves a special place for wife Ashely and their three triplets, Livi, Lola and Bandy. Rumford will be in the arena during PRCA Rodeo Rapid City performances in R

Make room and take a seat for the award winning Rumpshaker

News Staff - January 10, 2019

LAS VEGAS, NV – Justin Rumford was twice as happy as the rest of the winners at the PRCA’s annual awards banquet after winning the 2018 Coors Man in the Can award and the Clown of the Year award at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV this past December.

“People like chubby guys like me - we’re funny,” Rumford laughed. “I think people like my comedy because I don’t make fun of anyone or do anything controversial, I just be myself.”

The 38-year-old entertainer, who will be in the arena for PRCA Rodeo Rapid City performances during the Black Hills Stock Show, has won Clown of the Year every year since 2012, making this his seventh in a row. He also won the Coors Man in the Can award in 2013 and 2015.

Rumford is no stranger to the big stage, having worked the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 2014 and serving as an alternate in 2012 and 2013. He brings his own brand of comedy to the rodeo arena with nods to his favorite comedic actors, such as Kevin James and the legendary Chris Farley.

Raised in the family rodeo stock contracting business that was started by his Grandpa Floyd in Abbyville, KS, he spent  his college days bull fighting, riding saddle broncs and steer wrestling. When it all came to an end due to a knee injury, he decided to try his hand at being a rodeo clown. It turns out that providing his style of comedy for rodeo fans, while putting his years of bullfighting to use as a barrelman was just the change he was looking for.

He isn’t sure why he’s been so successful at his craft, but he is quick to share the credit. “I just try hard every time, and so many good rodeos put me in a position to do well with great committees and soundmen who set me up for success,” Rumford said. “The people who hire me, take care of me. I’m thankful to ProRodeo. One of the proudest things for me is to be part of this association.”

Before he hit the barrel, Rumford was behind the scenes at rodeos working as a semi driver for ProRodeo Hall of Famer Bennie Beutler. Then in 2011, Binion Cervi hired Rumford for his first rodeo. Seven years and countless rodeos later he’s a household name when it comes to rodeo entertainment.

“I just got in the right situation when the guy didn’t show up, so I was put in at the Greensburg, KS., rodeo and it’s been one of the biggest blessings of my life,” Rumford said.

But it’s not all fun and games for this rodeo funnyman. Comedy is serious business, so he does his homework. “I watch a lot of 'Saturday Night Live' and movies and Google stuff to find things that people will enjoy,” Rumford said. “The more rodeos I get, the more I want to do good.”

Fondly called the “Rumpshaker” by cowboys, rodeo personnel and fans alike, Rumford’s admirers stretch across the country as he’s hit rodeos from Florida to Arizona and in the Northwest. But his biggest fans are right at home in Ponca City, OK.; his wife, Ashley, and their triplets Livi, Lola and Bandy.

Now Justin and Ashley travel the country together with their children in their toy hauler trailer. They love touring the rodeo towns they visit, meeting new friends, saving lives in some cases, and making people laugh.


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