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Jerry and Pat Casteel, Sturgis, SD are the 2018 recipients of the Meade County Fair & 4-H Achievement Days dedication.
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Jerry and Pat Casteel, Sturgis, SD are the 2018 recipients of the Meade County Fair & 4-H Achievement Days dedication.

Meade County Fair dedicated to long-time supporters Jerry and Pat Casteel

F.Ganje - July 23, 2018

STURGIS, SD – Long-time Meade County Fair supports Jerry and Pat Casteel, Sturgis, SD are this year’s recipients of the annual Fair dedication.  Jenny Voigt, 4-H advisor says the couple of have been an important part of planning, organizing and implementing activities at the annual event.

“So much of what we do couldn’t be possible without them,” says Voigt.   “Jerry volunteers every year at the livestock sale.  Pat helps at the fair checking in exhibits and scanning results.  There hasn’t been a year that we haven’t relied on them.”

Pat was a 4-H member for about three years from age 9 to 12 years old in 1960 to 1963 and belonged to Bear Butte Valley Girls 4-H Club. She had to quit 4-H, because her family needed her help with the farm. She would later become a leader in the late 1980’s, when her son, Ryan, was in 4-H and belonged to the 9 Mile Guys and Dolls 4-H Club. Pat has been a leader ever since and was Executive Leader for the club for about five years while her grandchildren, Kortlyn and Greyson, were in 4-H.

“Well, you have to be ready to be able to show the children the project they chose to work on,” she explains.  “The next step is to be able to stand back and let them figure t out – both the successes and the failures.” She adds, “Watching these kids from age five on up through high school and how they’ve grown and become good citizens of communities, is one of the greatest joys I’ve had.”

Jerry has been doing the livestock auctions since the 1980’s. He enjoys volunteering his time in the community and likes watching the 4-H kids who are so proud of their livestock. Although he is not an official 4-H Leader, he does a lot behind the scenes. He has always been a trophy donor for the fair and sponsors National 4-H Month on KBHB radio.

“He’s enjoyed seeing the kids grow with their projects,” shares Pat.  “Especially doing the livestock auction and the generations of families who have come through the show and sale ring.”  She adds, “Jerry does a lot of volunteering while doing benefit auctions for Sturgis and surrounding communities.  These benefit folks who are experiencing medical issues and also for those families who need hospice care.”

The Casteel’s will be front and center – as usual – at this year’s Meade County Fair.  From auctioneering the livestock sale to greeting kids and parents as a fair monitor, both continue to enjoy the generations of 4-H’ers who come to the fair for friendly competitions and fun with friends.  Helping to teach 4-H and be a part of the 4-H programs provide life-lessons that Pat says can be used not just by kids but by adults too. “As I  became a 4-H leader, it made me better I think – as a parent and a leader.”

This year’s Meade County Fair Dedication couldn’t go to two more deserving people, says Voigt.
“The Fair Board and 4-H leaders felt it was time to recognize Jerry and Pat for all their years of service to the community.”

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