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SkyWest Jet

SkyWest Jet

Pierre and Watertown Score SkyWest for Jet Service

Zach Nelson/ KCCR - February 12, 2019

PIERRE, S.D.-- Those attending the Pierre CIty Commission meeting Tuesday night got some suprise news just before the hour and 20 minue meeting came to an end. City Commissioner and Airport Liaison Jamie Huizenga...

"By order of the United States Department of Transportation is selecting SkyWest Airlines Incorporated to provide essential air service at Pierre and Watertown, South Dakota with 12 weekly round-trips from each community to Denver International...and it goes into some other stuff, so that was just sent to me, and that is a BIG piece of dialogue, even more important that the swim meet.... I'm gonna start bringing my cell phone to the commission meetings!"

Mayor Steve Harding is thrilled by the announce,emt considering Key Lime Air was making an attempt to challenge the city of Pierre and Watertown's recommendation of SkyWest.

"That is super, super news for our community and central South Dakota and the City of Watertown, so thank you Commissioner Huizenga, I'm sure we'll have more information as we proceed, but that's just wonderful. I'm giddy with excitement."...."That is a big announcement."

Huizenga says a lot of hard work went into getting air service back to the cities.

"There's so much work that went into this. you and Mike and John Childs... I mean the list goes on and on. We've had meeting and we've had frustrations and so there's a lot of details but that is, that's right from the United States Department of Transportation, so it's a pretty big deal. It's gonna happen, dates and all that to be determined but I assume SkyWest will have their own press releases and whatnot or Pierre...however we work that out about when that would happen but I am, kinda giddy over here myself."

Harding say the city will pass along more information as it comes about.

"We'll get as much information out as we can on the process from here on out. I'm sure things need to get stood up and reservations and all those things need to get set-0upo and people hired and everything so we'll get information and get that out to the public. It's just great news and I just know our citizens will come back and start flying with SkyWest once it gets in place and we certainly appreciate everyone's patience with this."

In a document posted to the regulations-dot-gov website from the Cities of Pierre and Watertown recommending SkyWest it was stated that SkyWest told city officials they want to be in operation by April of 2019, but and official start date has not yet been announced.

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