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Region B Wrestling

Region B Wrestling

Results from Region 4B Wrestling

Sports Staff - February 18, 2018

RAPID CITY, S.D. - Results from the Region 4B Wrestling Tournament Saturday. Top four finishers earn trip to State.

TEAM STANDINGS: 1, Mobridge-Pollock, 181.5; 2, Custer/Edgemont, 174.0; 3, Philip, 163.0; 4, Bennett County, 116.5; 5, Hot Springs, 109.0; 6, Lead-Deadwood, 90.0; 7, Stanley County, 55.0; 8, Lyman, 53.0; 9, Hill City, 43.0; 10, Lemmon/McIntosh, 39.0;

11, St. Thomas More, 35.0; 12, Newell, 31.0; 13, Harding County, 22.0; 14, Red Cloud, 7.0; 15, Sully Buttes, 5.0; 16, McLaughlin, 0.0.

  • 106: 1st, Jestyn Woodward, C/E; 2nd, Bryson Muirhead, LYM; 3rd, Chase VanDerBoom, NEW; 4th, Isaac Aman, MP.
  • 113: 1st, Blair Blasius, PHI; 2nd, Jacob Steiger, MP; 3rd, Wyatt Dooley, C/E; 4th, Shilo Mowry, LYM.
  • 120: 1st, McCoy Peterson, PHI; 2nd, Max Johnson, LD; 3rd, Kamron Pearman, MP; 4th, Keaton Bissonnette, HS.
  • 126: 1st, Luke Heninger, SC; 2nd, Jadyn Coller, PHI; 3rd, Jared Harris, BC; 4th, Carson Pinske, LD.
  • 132: 1st, Jaden Schilling, MP; 2nd, JD Carter, SC; 3rd, Brennan Hanes, C/E; 4th, Kurtis Mooney, BC.
  • 138: 1st, Chance Grill, C/E; 2nd, Shawn Marrs, BC; 3rd, Tyler Arnold of Hill City 4th, Dylin Johnson, LD.
  • 145: 1st, Kody Hagen, HS; 2nd, Colby Fitch, PHI; 3rd, Tucson Freeman, MP; 4th, Eli Mines, C/E.
  • 152: 1st, Levi Mines, C/E; 2nd, Weston Ireland, BC; 3rd, Isaac Olson, MP; 4th, Jack Miller, LYM.
  • 160: 1st, Micaiah Grace, C/E; 2nd, Cody Donnelly, PHI; 3rd, Stone Durham, STM; 4th, Dean Laverack, BC.
  • 170: 1st, Keagan Fitch, PHI; 2nd, Nathan Bauer, MP; 3rd, Kaleb Bucks, L/M; 4th, Corten Dobesh, STM.
  • 182: 1st, Stone Jensen, MP; 2nd, Garrett Heil, HS; 3rd, Blake Kainz, C/E; 4th, Tee Allen, BC.
  • 195: 1st, Sam Adams of Harding County; 2nd, Tyler Byrne, BC; 3rd, Jason Gerry, MP; 4th, Marcus Harkless, HS.
  • 220: 1st, Robbie Lester, LD; 2nd, Jory Rodgers, PHI; 3rd, Caleb Maciejewski, HS; 4th, Taven Pharris, NEW.
  • 285: 1st, Braydon Peterson, L/M; 2nd, Carson Keller, MP; 3rd, Brigham Williams, LD; 4th, Jadeon Biggers, LYM.

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