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50-lb sacks of Trace Mineral Salt from Foothills Seed sell at 10:10 am on January 25th

Stock up on American Stockman Trace Mineral Salt from Foothills Seed!  We'll be selling 50-pound sacks in quantities of 5 sacks, valued at $7.75 each, $38.75 for 5 sacks, limit 2 per bidder.  (In other words, one bidder can get up to 10 sacks)

The salt sells at 10:10 am this Saturday, January 25th!  Don't miss out!

Selling Jan 25th @ 10:15; 2 Character Electric Branding Irons from L & H Branding Irons

They're Here! 2 Character Electric Branding Irons From L & H Branding Irons.

L & H Manufacturing Company is recognized nationally as the leader in this field. L & H makes the most complete line of livestock branders with thousands of satisfied users all over the world. Reduce the chance of loss and theft of your livestock. Mark them permanently with an L & H Brander. All L & H Electric Branders are custom made to meet your exact specifications. Available in many designs of letters and numbers.

FAST: Will heat to branding temperature in ninety seconds and maintains constant even heat for producing a good brand. No waiting time for brander to reheat. Merely leave plugged in as long as you are branding.

SAFEEliminate open fires; decrease the chance of fire loss to farm and ranch structures. All L & H Electric Branders are equipped with a 10' three wire grounded cords for added safety.

SIMPLE: Plugs into any 110 volt outlet, AC or DC, for fast, easy hookup. Brander is especially designed for a clear vision of the branding application

DURABLE: L & H ELECTRIC BRANDERS are braced at all stress points with steel rods, keeping the heating element from bending or breaking. The brander is made of lasting, non-corrosive material and with ordinary use will give years of trouble free service.

Value is $154 (includes shipping chg's)

Selling Saturday, January 25th @ 10:30 AM, A 12 by 12 Livestock Shelter from Four Aces Fabrication of Sundance Wyoming!

Selling Saturday, January 25th @ 10:30 AM, A 12 by 12 Livestock Shelter from Four Aces Fabrication of Sundance Wyoming! 


Open faced 12 by 12 livestock Shelter, great for horses, calves, exotic animals or hobby farms. 


Free delivery within 100 miles from Sundance Wyoming.


Shelter retails for $2,540.00, but you can buy it for your price on the KBHB Radio Auction!


* Taxes determined by purchasers location.

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