KBHB Auctions

Selling at 9:50, May 21st A Case of Schaeffer’s Grease from M & M Sales in Wall

Selling at 9:50 1 case, 30 tubes, of Schaeffer’s Grease. 274 Molly. A multi-use grease for automotive, construction, farming or industrial equipment.

Reduces friction and wear.  Reduces grease consumption. Resists washout. Strong load carrying capabilities.

Valued at $225 selling the auction way!


Selling May 21st at 10:15 The Stock Step

The Stock Step; an innovative product. The Stock Step is a concrete pad system designed to prevent mud holes around water tanks caused by livestock. Pads are fully removable and aid in the preservation of tank seals, ensure that calves can reach water, and help prevent hoof-rot.

And if you’re one of the lucky ones that received lots of moisture this last snow storm, by now you’re seeing the mess around your tanks! The Stock Step improves the constant access your cattle need to water plus protecting the integrity of your tank.

Step Up to the Stock Step! Locally designed and manufactured in Reva, SD. Now available in several locations.

CBH Belle Fourche
Cammack Ranch Supply (Union Center, SD)
Buffalo Hardware (Buffalo, SD)
McCready Construction (Winner, SD)
Holzwarth Sales & Service (Gettysburg, SD)
Or off the ranch in Reva, SD

Valued at $300 going the auction way!