Taycie Matthews of the University of West Alabama won her second consecutive college national championship in barrel racing at the College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming. Matthews was back riding Fame Fire Rocks (PopRocks) after an eight-month layoff and didn’t miss a beat. She won three of four rounds and finished second in the other while leading her school to the women’s team championship.
CNFR photo by Jackie Jensen.

College Rodeo Crowns 2024 Champions

CASPER, Wyo.  – The 2024 College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) came to a close in the Ford Wyoming Center on Saturday night (June 15, 2024) with a sold-out crowd watching as champions were crowned.

It was a great night for Wyoming as the crowd watched Weston Timberman win his second consecutive bareback riding title. Timberman is going to school at Clarendon (Texas) College and calls Columbus, Montana, home. However, he was born and raised in Casper and is very proud of that. Timberman has dominated much of the competition here this week and had a total score of 321 points on four horses to edge out Gillette (Wyoming) College’s Cooper Filipek by one-half point.

In the goat tying, McKenna Clingman earned the first national rodeo championship ever won by Colorado Mesa University in the institution’s history. Clingman tied for second place in the final round. Her 6.7 second time gave her a total of 26.0 to win the title by three-tenths of a second. Clingman is also proud to call Wyoming home as she grew up in Laramie before making the trip to Grand Junction, Colorado, to get her education. She recently graduated with her bachelor’s degree in business and made the most of her last qualification to the CNFR.

Hill (Texas) College took home two individual championships in tie-down roping and team roping. The Hillsboro institution has had multiple championships in bull riding and tie-down roping, but this is their first team roping title. That winner was James Arviso, from Seba Dalkai, Arizona. He did the heading for Kaden Profili from Texas A & M University – Commerce who got the first win in team roping for the Commerce institution as well. The duo has been competing in the Southern Region and now have added their names to the history books as college rodeo’s best.

Arviso and Profili came into the final round ranked second in the nation. They stopped the clock in 5.4 seconds to move into first place with a total time of 31.6 seconds on four runs. Arviso’s career wins also include a National High School Rodeo Association championship for his home state of Arizona in 2022. Profili’s horse Gunna Be An Angel also won the men’s American Quarter Horse of the Year award.

Prior to Saturday night’s rodeo, the saddle bronc riding was shaping up to be one of the closest competitions of the week. It did not disappoint. Tarleton State University (Stephenville, Texas) teammates Gus Galliard and Ira Dickinson were one and two as they started the night. Dickinson was the second to last competitor and when his horse stumbled, he got the option of getting on another one. Then Galliard rode for 83.5 points to maintain his lead.

Before the bull riding started, Dickinson, who grew up near Rock Springs, Wyoming, got on his second horse of the night. He also scored 83.5 points, but it wasn’t enough to move him ahead of Galliard who had 319 points on four rides. Dickinson finished as the reserve champion with 317.5.

Koby Douch did something in Casper that his older brother and mentor have never accomplished when he won the tie-down roping. His older brother John Douch competed at the CNFR and finished as the reserve champion in 2017 competing for Hill College. That is the same place that his younger brother is going to school now. Both boys were mentored by Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame world champion Joe Beaver. With his success here in Casper this week, Koby Douch became the first of the three to win a National Intercollege Rodeo Association title.

Riding his brother John’s horse, Koby Douch stopped the clock in 8.7 seconds to finish second in the final round. That gave him a total of 35.8 seconds on four runs. He finished 2.2 seconds ahead of Blayne Saine from the University of West Alabama.

Taycie Mattews, also from the University of West Alabama. won her second-consecutive barrel racing title aboard her great horse “PopRocks.” Matthews won rounds one and two and was second in round three aboard Fame Fire Rocks who earned the women’s American Quarter Horse of the Year award. Matthews and PopRocks clocked the fastest time of the week Saturday night and had a total time of 55.32 seconds. They finished two-tenths of a second ahead of Tayla Moeykens from Montana State University, the 2021 college national champion.

Wacey Schalla was the only bull rider to be successful on his first three bulls here and was favored to win for Clarendon College. The title almost slipped away from the Arapaho, Oklahoma, resident when he failed to last eight seconds on Saturday. Three other men did ride their bulls, but when scores were added up, Schalla was at the top of the board with 247.5 points on three rides. Wharton County Junior College’s Zeke Martinez finished one point behind.

Schalla, who just finished his freshman year, also won the men’s all-around and rookie of the year titles, earning points in bareback riding and bull riding. The women’s all-around champion was Madalyn Richards of Texas A & M University who won the breakaway roping with a total of 9.2 seconds on four runs. She also finished tenth in the goat tying. The women’s rookie of the year was Haliegh Ann Grant of Cal-Poly State University at San Luis Obispo.

Tarleton State University captured the men’s team championship with 895 points. Clarendon College was seconds with 820. In the women’s team category, the University of West Alabama finished at the top of the board for the second consecutive time. They earned 855 points and Tarleton was second with 605 points.

Plans are underway for the 2025 CNFR which will return to Casper next June.


CASPER, Wyo.—The following are final results from f the College National Finals Rodeo, June 14, 2024, courtesy of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Complete results are available at www.collegerodeo.com.

Barrel racing: (final round) 1, Taycie Matthews, University of West Alabama, 13.66 seconds. 2, Tayla Moeykens, Montana State University, 13.80 3, Jaylie Matthews, University of West Alabama, 14.06. 4,  Jordan Driver, Tarleton State University, 14.10. 3

(total on 4) 1, Taycie Matthews, 55.32 seconds. 2, Moeykens, 55.52. 3, Driver, 56.53. 4, Jaylie Matthews, 55.93. 5. Rayne Grant, Laramie County Community College, 57.04. 6, Saydee Sue Davis, Utah State University Eastern, 57.23. 7, Sierra Steele, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 57.25. 8, Alix VanderVoort, South Dakota State University, 57.27.

Bareback riding: (final round) 1, (tie) Sage Allen, College of Southern Idaho, and Roedy O. Farrell, Tarleton State University, 81.5 points each. 3, Cooper Filipek, Gillette College, 81. 4, (tie) Weston Timberman, Clarendon College; Mason Stuller, Western Texas College; Weston Timberman, Clarendon College, and Wacey Schalla, Clarendon College, 79 each.

(total on 4) 1, Timberman, 321 points. 2, Filipek, 320.5. 3, Ty Pope, Missouri Valley College, 317.5. 4, Farrell, 313. 5, Gavin French, Texas A & M University, 312. 5, 6, Schalla, 308. 7, Allen, 307.5. 8, Stuller, 306.5.

Tie-Down Roping: (final round) 1, Wyatt Jensen, Montana State University, 8.4 seconds. 2,  Koby Douch, Hill College, 8.7. 3, Kass Newman, Central Arizona College, 9.5. 4, Blayne Saine, University of West Alabama, 9.6.

(total on 4) 1, Douch, 35.8 seconds. 2, Saine, 38.0 seconds. 3, Jensen, 40.3. 4, (tie) Newman and Bode Spring, Montana State University, 43.2. 6, Cooper Duffin, Utah Valley University, 43.4, 7, Daniel Miranda, Cal-Poly State University – San Luis Obispo, 48.5. 8, Taten Erickson, Cochise College, 61.6.

Breakaway Roping: (final round) 1, Falyn Thomson, Clarendon College, 1.8 seconds. 2, Haliegh Ann Grant, Cal-Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, 2.1. 3, Falyn Thomson, Clarendon College, 2.5. 4, Lauren Booty, University of West Alabama, 2.6.

(total on 4) 1, Richards, 9.2 seconds. 2, Booty, 10.4. 3, Ashley Henderson, University of West Alabama, 11.5. 4, Fallon Johnson, Utah State University, 13.3. 5, Falyn Thomson, Clarendon College, 18.3. 6, Grant, 2.1. 7, Kennedy Buckner, Blue Mountain Community College, 20.3. (on 3) 8, Fallon Ruffoni, Cuesta College, 7.4.

Saddle Bronc Riding: (final round) 1, (tie) Gus Gaillard, Tarleton State University, and Ira Dickinson, Tarleton State University,  83.5 points each. 3, Isaac Richard, McNeese State University, 82. 4, (tie) James Perrin, Casper College, and Talon Elshere, Casper College, 80.5 each.

(total on 4) 1, Gaillard, 319 points. 2, Dickinson, 317.5. 3, Zac Dallas, New Mexico State University, 307. 4, Perrin, 305.5. 5, Elshere, 304.5. 6, Tucker Bourdet, Cuesta College, 296.5. 7, Richard, 292.5. 8, Caseyn Pearson, Treasure Valley Community College, 286.

Steer Wrestling: (final round) 1, Tyler Bauerle, Cisco College, 3.8 seconds. 2, Cinch Painter, Mid-Plains Community College, 4.2. 3, Landris White, Tarleton State University, 4.5. 4, Sam Carson, Utah Valley University, 4.8.

(total on 4) 1, Carson, 18.0 seconds. 2, Bauerle, 20.3. 3, Painter, 21.4. 4, Jacob Haren, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 22.7. 5, White, 22.9. 6, Brad Hesnor, McNeese State University, 23.5. 7, Austin Madison, Black Hills State University, 23.5. 8, Clay Tom Hurt, Sam Houston State University, 23.9.

Bull Riding: (final round- three rides) 1, Zeke Martinez, Wharton County Community College, 86 points. 2, Jesse Hopper, Western Oklahoma State College, 81. 3, Brad Moreno, New Mexico State University, 78.5.

(total on 3) 1, Wacey Schalla, Clarendon College, 247.5 points. 2, Martinez, 246.5. 3, Hopper, 233. 4, Moreno, 223 . (on one) 5, Cooper Jacobs, Western Texas College, 79.5. 6, Lane Vaughn, Western Texas College, 79. 7, Zane Monnett, Western Texas College, 77.5, 8, Bryce Jensen, Hill College, 76.5.

Goat Tying: (final round) 1, Haiden Thompson, Gillette College, 6.2 seconds. 2, (tie) McKenna Brennan, Panhandle State University, and McKenna Clingman, Colorado Mesa University, 6.7 each. 4, Opal Harkins, South Dakota State University, 7.1.

(total on 4) 1, Clingman, 26.0. 2, Brennan, 26.3. 3, Thompson, 26.6. 4, Rayme Jones, Tarleton State University, 27.2. 5, Harkins, 27.9. 6, Justise Jones, Colorado Mesa University, 28.1. 7, Tylie McDonald, Texas A & M University, 28.2. 8, Maggie Usher, Cal-Poly State University – San Luis Obispo, 28.3.

Team Roping: (final round – three times) 1, Laine Moore, Northwest Mississippi Community College, and Tanner Brown, East Mississippi Community College, 5.2 seconds. 2, James Arviso, Hill College, and Kaden Profili, Texas A & M University – Commerce, 5.4. 3,  Bodie Mattson, University of Wyoming, and Roan Weil, Casper College, 4.7 seconds. 2, Clarke Gordon, University of West Alabama, and Blake Lyons, Pearl River Community College, 5.1. 3, Pierce Wold and Tucker Donlon, Cal-Poly State University – San Luis Obispo, 7.4.

(total on 4 ) 1, Arviso and Profili, 31.6 seconds. (on 3) 2, Wold and Donlon, 22.2. 3, Lan Fuhrer, South Dakota State University, and Clayton Backhaus, Black Hills State University, 23.5. 4, Moore and Brown, 25.5. 5, 3, Blake Bowler, Southern Utah University, and TJ Bowler, Utah State University, 35.2. 6, Brody Webb, and Hayden Clay, Southern Arkansas, University. (on 2) 8, Rowdy Jones and James Jessen, Western Oklahoma State College, 10.7.

Men’s All-Around: 1, Wacey Schalla, Clarendon College, 447.50 points. 1, Ty Pope, Missouri Valley College, 260. 3, Kass Newman, Central Arizona College, 172.50. 4, Bodie Mattson, University of Wyoming, 140.

Women’s All-Around: 1, Madalyn Richards, Texas A & M University, 362 points, 2, Rayne Grant, Laramie County Community College, 145. 3, (tie) Kennedy Buckner, Blue Mountain Community College, and Mikenna Schauer, Montana State University, Northern, 50 each.

Men’s Rookie of the Year: 1, Wacey Schalla, Clarendon College, 477.50 points. 2, Koby Douch, Hill College, 270. 3, (tie) James Arviso, Hill College, and Jesse Hopper, Western Oklahoma State College, 230 each.

Women’s Rookie of the Year: 1, Haliegh Ann Grant, Cal-Poly State University- San Luis Obispo, 235 points. 2, (tie) Saydee Sue Davis, Utah State University Eastern, and Allie Murphy, South Plains College, 75 each. 4, Jaya Nelson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 60.

Men’s Team: 1, Tarleton State University, 895 points. 2, Clarendon College, 820. 3, Western Oklahoma State College, 670. 4, Hill College, 555.

Women’s Team: 1, University of West Alabama, 855 points. 2, Tarleton State University, 605. 3, Texas A & M University, 567. 4, Montana State University, 345.

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