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The Triple R Tack Dummy Roping is a popular event for the kids who get to try their hand at throwing a loop.
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The Triple R Tack Dummy Roping is a popular event for the kids who get to try their hand at throwing a loop.

Don't kid yourself...the Kiddie Korral at Rodeo Rapid City attracts all ages

F.Ganje - January 15, 2020

RAPID CITY, SD – A busy mother herself, Amy Muller knew what was missing from the civic center during Rodeo Rapid City and Black Hills Stock Show….a kid’ zone.  So she created one…..in the Rodeo Zone. 

This unique trade show is on display and open to the public free of charge in the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center’s Ice Arena. Only there’s no ice and cold….just space after space – some interactive – of everything from industrial sized equipment to famous hat and book makers to cookware and art.

It’s in all of that you’ll find the Kiddie Korral.  “It’s like a big play zone for kids,” says Amy.  “And we try to make it as interactive as possible in a lot of ways,” she explains.  “The kids get to meet their rodeo athlete heroes and reigning queens.  They also get a chance to visit with PRCA contract acts.  “Or,” she adds, “it’s a place for parents or anyone who is wrangling kids, to be able to take a break while the kids play.”

Rodeo Rapid City and the Black Hills Stock Show take up the entire civic center during the event, Fri., Jan. 31 – Sat., Feb.8.  It’s a huge space and anyone who has traversed it all knows just how tired a person gets along with cranky kids in tow.  It was that first-hand experience that got Amy to thinking about the real need for a place like the Kiddie Korral where jumbo size versions of all your favorite board games, picture boards on bucking stock, coloring area, and more are available to the kids. It’s free of charge and open every day.

Among other popular kids events, the Triple R Tack Dummy Roping always draws a crowd.  Kids ages 1-6, 7-9 and 10-13 can enter for a $5 fee and a 100% payout.  Everybody gets in on the fun.  Ropings are held Jan 31, Feb. 1, Feb. 7 & Feb. 8 at 5:00 pm.

And what’s rodeo and horse and cattle cattle events and shows without a clown?  Duane Reichert transforms himself in “Back Stage With A Rodeo Clown.” From street clothes to unique, outlandish costumes, make-up, and mannerisms of a professional rodeo clown, this kid (and crowd) favorite uses short comedy skits and animals to not only share the story of rodeo but to also share life lessons and experiences with the kids. 

Find the kid in you …when you take the kids to the Kiddie Korral in the Rodeo Zone at Rodeo Rapid City.

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