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With a new location and business support, Sturgis Guns is looking ahead to a future of growing its businesses

F.Ganje - July 16, 2018

STURGIS, SD  - Tammy Bohn stands outside and watches the stream of traffic going by on Fort Meade Way, past the Buffalo Chip east of Sturgis, SD. The well-known campground and South Dakota’s newest municipality also sits at the crossroads of South Dakota Highway’s 34 and 79 – making it a prime location for her and husband Justin’s business, Sturgis Guns.

“I’ve been out here the past four weeks getting everything ready and I cannot believe the traffic that’s on Fort Meade Way,” she observes.  “It’s just as much as we saw at our Junction Avenue location. So we’re really, really excited about this.”

Earlier this spring, the business had plans to relocate from Junction Avenue in Sturgis to a developing area in Vanocker Canyon.  The plan was not without its detractors but Bohn says it was the offer and location from Buffalo Chip officials – and divine intervention – that made the couple rethink their business strategy and make another move.

“The Buffalo Chip offered us an unbelievable opportunity to make our business grow - as in real economic development. The location is perfect for us,” says Bohn.  “It’s in a high traffic area that’s growing.  All of our businesses have relocated there; Sturgis Guns, Sturgis Powersports, Sturgis U-Haul and FedEx.”

The Bohn’s are no strangers to the Chip, having managed the shooting range there during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Sturgis Guns will be open for business on July 23, 2018 at 20580 Fort Meade Way, a location right next to the Chip’s landmark Crossroads Cross and Field of Flags. Bohn says there will be special attractions to mark the occasion. “There is camping here, staging here; it’s all here ready for us to go,” she says.

The new location will also house Sturgis Powersports, an after-market business of the Bohn’s.  “There’s a huge cross-over between the firearm industry and the motorsport industry,” she shares. “It’s another reason why the business makes so much more sense at this location. “

She continued, “A large portion of our clientele is the rancher. They want a one-stop shop where they can come in and get their ATV oiled and grab their .22 ammo.” A huge parking area adds to the attraction for the rural customer whose mode of transportation is usually a pickup that often involves a livestock trailer or flatbed.

Customers can expect the same quality of merchandise, service and a number of special events planned for Sturgis Guns.

“We can see how excited people are to have a safe and convenient range which we will now be able to offer rifle, pistol, sporting clays – everything that fits into our business,” says Bohn.  “The hunters and the people who come to Sturgis Guns at the new location will be able to purchase ammo and a new gun and go out and try it right on site.”  She adds, “We’ll have a number of events here.  We just hosted a group of world-class, female shooters who also teach classes.”

With the marketing arm and organizational expertise of the Chip behind them, Bohn is excited about the possibilities it creates to grow their business.  She credits a hard working Buffalo Chip crew and some divine intervention for putting the pieces in place.

“It’s a well-orchestrated machine here,” she observes.  “Rod and Carol Woodruff, their family and the staff are just incredible.  Being around that positive energy all the time and having their assistance is an opportunity that Justin and I can’t walk away from.”  She adds, “We truly believe that God has got his hand in this – with us.”

Phone number: 605-347-4455
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: 1612 Junction Avenue, Suite #1
Sturgis, SD 57785