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Beef, lamb importer launches country of origin brand campaign in the U.S.

News Staff - March 27, 2019

STURGIS, SD – One of the biggest importers of beef and lamb into the U.S. has launched a campaign to promote their grass-fed, pasture raised beef and lamb in U.S. retail markets.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) has started the pilot rollout of its Taste Pure Nature country of origin brand campaign in California.  The primary goal of the campaign is to raise awareness and drive preference for grass-fed beef and lamb from New Zealand.

Nick Beeby, B+LNZ’s General Manager Market development, says that while all their research validated Taste Pure Nature would resonate with consumers, he’s been pleasantly surprised with the results so far. “We’ve always been confident that Taste Pure Nature will be well received, but even so the results from launch have been pleasantly surprising.”

The target audience for Taste Pure Nature is a consumer group identified through two years of in-depth research and dubbed the “conscious foodie”.

“These conscious foodies’ care about the provenance of their food, they want to know it was raised ethically and as naturally as possible, and they want to build experiences around their food,” says Beeby.  “Our research shows that where food aligns with their personal values, these conscious foodies’ are willing to pay a premium. That, combined with them wanting their food to be raised in the most natural way possible, makes these consumers the ideal target segment for New Zealand beef and lamb.”

New Zealand is a significant importer of beef and veal to the U.S. sending 572,313,000 lb. of beef and veal to the U.S during 2018, according to data from USDA. During that time New Zealand ranked third in beef and veal imports to the U.S. behind Australia and Canada, respectively.

For lamb and mutton, New Zealand ranks second for import totals to the U.S. sending nearly 53 million lb. during 2018. Australia has nearly triple that number in lamb and mutton imports with 149 million lb. last year.

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