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The ag technology company C-Lock, Inc., Rapidi City, is creating precision management tools for livestock producers.
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The ag technology company C-Lock, Inc., Rapidi City, is creating precision management tools for livestock producers.

C-Lock, Inc. offers precision technology to livestock producers

News Staff - May 2, 2019

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Precision agriculture isn’t just about farming.  An agriculture technology manufacturing company in Rapid City is developing precision tools for ranching as well.

According to the founder of C-Lock Inc., Dr. Patrick Zimmerman, efficiencies are being lost in production that go well beyond the traditional measurements that many ranchers, backgrounders, feeders, dairy and sheep producers, have adopted over the years.

And like any new methodology, there will be the initial skeptic who resists the idea or even the need to look at methane emissions in cattle or sheep as something to be managed-let alone as a potential profit driver.  

As a byproduct of breaking down plants, cattle produce methane - a greenhouse gas significantly more powerful than carbon dioxide. Livestock – especially concentrated livestock production emissions – have been targeted by climate change advocates as a source of pollution.  C-Lock is bringing precision technology into the mix that considers everything from intake, metabolism and emissions.

Zimmerman says the key is not to focus on eliminating emissions. “But we can create efficiencies and perhaps even add value to what is now considered an environmental cost - with precision technology. “

C-Lock Inc. professionals utilize cutting-edge science and engineering to monitor, analyze, and control cattle biological parameters. Animal health emissions, methane and genetics, methane diets and whole farm/ranch/feedlot greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, are all project and product categories C-Lock, Inc., includes in its precision toolbox. Its most recent product launch labeled ‘GreenFeed,’ is a system that measures methane and metabolic carbon dioxide emissions from ruminants such as cattle to provide producers with real-time data to document improvements in feed efficiency and lower methane emission losses.

“Through a systematic approach that incorporates intelligent data-mining techniques, measurements, and numerical modeling, we can detect problems that lower efficiency and productivity,” says Zimmerman.  “Our unique capabilities to pinpoint problems, identify opportunities, and offer a cost-effective solution saves money.”

The technology company also offers equipment for feed intake measurement, accessories and options. In addition, the company is developing advanced animal identification technology and applications.

Find out more at https://www.c-lockinc.com/


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