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Candice Aamot, billed as the 'Crazy Cowgrl Trick Rider' tours across the state and in other regions as well, with her trick riding and Roman riding act.
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Candice Aamot, billed as the 'Crazy Cowgrl Trick Rider' tours across the state and in other regions as well, with her trick riding and Roman riding act.

Crazy Cowgirl Trick Rider in the arena during Boss Cowman Days

F.Ganje - July 12, 2019

LEMMON, SD – Tucked inside a pint size cowgirl is a whole lot of try and talent.  Meet Candice Aamot, the Crazy Cowgirl Trick Rider who will be in the arena during Boss Cowman Days in Lemmon this weekend.

Hailing from DeSmet, SD where her family runs a cow/calf and small grain operation, 11-year-old Candice said she caught the trick rider bug at an early age.

“I decided to try trick riding because it looked like a lot of fun,” she says. “I saw the movie, “Cowgirls ‘n Angels.” The movie tells the story of a feisty and rebellious young girl who joins the Sweethearts of the Rodeo, a team of young female trick riders run by cowboy legend Terence Parker.  She adds, “When I saw that movie, I thought it was something I wanted to try.”

Since Candice began trick riding three years ago, she has trained under some of the greats in the sport such as Roz Beaton and Madison MacDonald-Thomas.  With her trusted team of Dusty (age 5), Jewel (age 4), and Flash (age 10) she has spent the last summer performing for crowds here in South Dakota.  We caught up with Candice as she, her Mom Anne and sister Callie were headed west to Lemmon.  The life of a trick rider’s Mom is one of endless miles and detail, detail, detail.

“There are so many things involved when it comes to doing a trick,” shares Anne. “A lot more equipment than people realize.” She continued, “I get to be the chauffeur a lot of the time too.  Although my oldest daughter helps a lot with the driving along with a good friend of mine who pitches in. Being ranchers and farmers means somebody’s got to be at home. It kind of takes a village to keep things going.”

No stranger to an arena, Mom Anne grew up in 4-H just as the girls are now.  Callie is also competing in high school rodeo.  As in many horse-related competitions – including rodeo - not knowing the exact set up of an arena and what Mother Nature will bring for weather, means Candice – and her team of horses - has to be flexible.

“Different arenas play to some tricks better,” observes Anne. ”As far as the weather, if it’s not muddy, it’s wonderful.  Unfortunately for us on the eastern side of the state there’s been a lot of rain this year and that does complicate things.” She adds, “We have added Roman riding to the show which is something we can do in a little tougher performance conditions.”

Like any top cowgirl, Candice gives a lot of credit to her horses…..and to the practice and commitment it takes to master the sport of trick and roman riding.

“My horse Dusty, he’s really sweet.  I do most of my strap tricks on him,” says Candice. “Jewel is part of the trick riding and I do some vaulting tricks on her and she’s also part of the Roman riding team. Her other partner is Flash.  It takes a lot of strength and trust between horse and rider.”

The Crazy Cowgirl Trick Rider will showcase both trick riding and Roman riding on Friday and Saturday nights, July 12-13 during Boss Cowman Days. Candice and her equine companions will be in the parade on Saturday morning and be available for a "meet and greet" throughout the weekend.  

“My favorite thing about trick riding,” says Candice,  “is when I’m making an arena lap between tricks, I like to see the crowd cheering and enjoying the show.”

To learn more about Candice or to book her act for an upcoming event, go on line to her Crazy Cowgirl Trick Rider Facebook page.

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