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One of professional rodeos star events, the Xtreme Broncs Finals airs on CBS, viewing party planned

News Staff - October 1, 2019

RAPID CITY, SD – A re-play of all the arena action during  the first-ever PRCA  Xtreme Broncs Finals will be on the big screens and in surround sound for a ‘Watch Party’ set for this weekend at the Loud American Roadhouse in Sturgis, SD.

The CBS Sports Network is televising  the ground-breaking performance  Sun., October 6 where  the top 12 saddle bronc riders in the PRCA | RAM World Standings and the top 12 in the PRCA Xtreme Broncs standings squared off in a long go and short go for the 2019 Xtreme Broncs title that was split between Brody Cress, Hillsdale, WY and Wade Sundell, Boxholm, IA. The event was held August 23 during the Central States Fair in Rapid City.  (Sundell was seriously injured the following day while competing at the Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo in San Juan Capistrano, CA. He is making a slow recovery having been released from the hospital September 20 - almost a full month after the injury.)  

As much as the title, the new PRCA format of the Xtreme Broncs Tour is a game changer in the race to the Top 15 in the world standings, since points and winnings from the tour also count towards reaching that magic number ‘15.’

The televised event at the Loud American Roadhouse gets underway at 6:00p.m. The public is welcome to the viewing that will show the PRCA Xtreme Broncs Finals, along with showcasing Rapid City and the Black Hills, and the local sponsors of the event.   Special guest appearances are planned. And among exclusive offers during the ‘Watch Party’ will be VIP tickets for the 2020 Xtreme Broncs Finals - which was a standing room only event for its inaugural run in 2019 at the Central States.

“Having the opportunity to bring such an event to Rapid City was a thrill in itself”, says Central States Fair General Manager Ron Jeffries, “but being able to showcase Rapid City, South Dakota and our amazing sponsors on this national televised platform is a benefit we are extremely excited to share.”

Rorey Lemmel, Whitewood, SD – who has produced rodeos for 25 years – coordinated  the first-ever Xtreme Bronc Finals, calling it the NFR for saddle bronc riders. He and staff worked with CBS filming crews to capture an historic moment that brought the top 24 saddle bronc riders and the top 24 broncs into the same arena, on the same day. Those moments will play out for audiences during the 'Watch Party.'

See more information on the ‘Watch Party’ on line at Central States Fair and Loud American Roadhouse and on Facebook.

Final standings for 2019

Prefix       Name                  City                 State     Event     Money Won

1              Brody Cress        Hillsdale               Wyo.     SB           $29,540

2              Zeke Thurston   Big Valley             AB          SB           $25,311

3              Wade Sundell    Boxholm              Iowa       SB           $25,207

4              Jake Watson      Hudsons Hope       BC         SB           $16,572

5              JJ Elshere             Hereford             S.D.       SB           $15,466

6              Shorty Garrett   Eagle Butte           S.D.        SB           $14,077

7              Cort Scheer        Elsmere                Neb.      SB           $12,843

8              Rusty Wright      Milford                  Utah      SB           $10,419

9              Dawson Hay       Wildwood             AB          SB           $10,062

10           Kolby Wanchuk Sherwood Park        AB          SB           $10,023

11           Ryder Wright     Milford                 Utah         SB           $9,036

12           Jade Blackwell   Rapid City            S.D.          SB           $8,555

13           Colt Gordon       Comanche          Okla.          SB           $8,462

14           Spencer Wright Milford                  Utah         SB           $8,367

15           Bradley Harter   Loranger              La.           SB           $7,463

16           Louie Brunson   New Underwood    S.D.         SB           $6,396

17           Lefty Holman     Visalia                   Calif.       SB           $5,448

18           Layton Green    Meeting Creek          AB         SB           $5,358

19           Dusty Hausauer  Dickinson              N.D.       SB           $5,339

20           Clay Elliott         Nanton                  AB          SB           $5,173

21           Jake Finlay        Goondiwindi            AB         SB           $4,704

22           CoBurn Bradshaw    Beaver              Utah      SB           $3,575

23           Sterling Crawley     Stephenville       Texas    SB           $3,518

24           Mitch Pollock     Winnemucca            Nev.      SB           $3,110

25           Chase Brooks     Deer Lodge             Mont.    SB           $3,105

26           Allen Boore        Axtell                     Utah      SB           $2,750

27           Dawson Dahm   Tomahawk              AB         SB           $2,602

28           Stetson Wright  Milford                    Utah      SB           $2,461

29           Brady Hill    Onida                          S.D.        SB           $2,246

30           Tyrel Larsen   Weatherford              Okla.      SB           $2,169

31           Jacobs Crawley Boerne                    Texas     SB           $2,075

32           Lane Schuelke   Newell                   S.D.        SB           $1,965

33           Chuck Schmidt  Keldron                 S.D.        SB           $1,594

34           Sage Newman   Melstone             Mont.         SB           $1,568

35           Chet Johnson    Douglas                Wyo.        SB           $1,552

36           Johnny Espeland  Tygh Valley         Ore.        SB           $1,227

37           Rhett Fanning    Martin                   S.D.        SB           $1,185

38           Andrew Evjene Two Dot                  Mont.      SB           $1,185

39           Colton Carter     Nephi                    Utah        SB           $1,185

40           Ricky Warren     Hudsons Hope        BC          SB           $1,123

41           Tate Thybo         Belle Fourche        S.D.        SB           $1,071

42           Isaac Diaz          Desdemona          Texas       SB           $935

43           Jacob Coates      Aurora                 Utah         SB           $790

44           Jesse Kruse        Great Falls           Mont.       SB           $784

45           Josh Davison      Miles City             Mont.       SB           $765

46           Tucker Hill         Klamath Falls        Ore.         SB           $749

47           Chase Zweifel    Paradise Hill          Ore.         SB           $612

48           Tegan Smith       Winterset            Iowa         SB           $474

49           Preston Burr      Stratford              Texas       SB           $459

50           Travis Nelson     Broadus               Mont.       SB           $392

51           Wyatt Casper     Pampa                 Texas       SB           $341

52           Ben Andersen   Canada                 Texas       SB           $212

53           Kash Deal   Dupree                       S.D.         SB           $152

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