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Man who ran through Sturgis this past summer finishes his trek Saturday in Florida

Noah Coughlan holds his hand over his heart as two Marines fold the American flag on Las Olas Beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

STURGIS, S.D. – At the end of July, a California man made a stop in Sturgis on his way across America on foot – Noah Coughlan finishes his Run For Revival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Saturday afternoon.

This is Noah Coughlan’s fourth trip across the Nation on foot – he previously completed runs in 2011, 2013 and 2015 and wanted to use this opportunity to highlight American military veterans across the country as he transported an American flag from coast to coast. Noah passed through Sturgis on July 27th and 28th, made a stop in Rapid City, on his way through the Rosebud Indian Reservation and down through Nebraska, where he got a phone calls from his family, letting him know that his Dad was dying. Noah’s father, David, passed away on August 10th in Vacaville, CA. Noah flew home and spent a few days with his Dad before he passed.

“It was a double whammy with losing a parent.  I was very close with my father, I’m the only son and I just wanted the veterans and the law enforcement to know that combined all of you made a huge difference in my life. That was actually one of our final memories together, looking at pictures from my run, pictures of Montana, Idaho and the Black Hills.”

Noah got back to Nebraska after his Dad’s death and continued the run, then flew home again for his father’s memorial service. Noah credits local law enforcement and veterans that he met along his journey for helping to get him home to spend time with his family during an extremely difficult time.

“You went above and beyond, helping me get home to my family. All of you Veterans and law enforcement, I am in awe.  It’s not just your service, but it’s the type of people that you are, what is in you.  You are incredible people.  I see it from my lens and I’m grateful.  I always tell people that when I meet a Veteran I am blown away.”

Noah went through 12 pairs of shoes, lost 20 pounds and three toenails as he crossed through 13 states, from Blaine, Washington to Fort Lauderdale, FL to complete the Run for Revival.

Coughlan has battled the desert heat, the wind of the Great Plains and torrential downpours on his 3,670 mile journey, highlighting American Veterans across the United States.  Noah has consumed thousands of calories, been bitten by red ants, chased by dogs and stung by wasps along the way but one thing has been a constant companion – a very special American Flag.
“The Flag itself is sacred.  It’s not just from a hardware store.  It was flown by the US Air Force during Operation Inherent Resolve in Saudi Arabia on a combat mission on a KC-10 extender aircraft.”
The Airmen that gave Noah the flag prior to his run had one rule for him. They told him to never let it touch the ground.  Noah dealt with 50-60 MPH winds on his way through South Dakota and the flagpole snapped on his jogging stroller.  Noah kept the flag from touching terra firma.
“Carrying that American flag is a pretty big deal. For the first time in world history we have a country that takes care of the welfare of its citizens, and the rights and freedom of citizens.  America is a special country thanks to all of you (Veterans).”
On Saturday morning, Noah was only three miles from his final destination, Las Olas Beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  He will finish his nearly six month journey, running across the beach into the ocean carrying the American flag and ending his epic Run For Revival.
“So I’m charging into the Atlantic, running down the sand with the flag and when I return out of the water, two Marines will meet me and will fold the flag with honor. That will conclude the Run.  It’s been an honor to carry that flag.”
Noah admits that it will be bittersweet when he completes the Run for Revival.
“I’ve enjoyed it, it’s been an incredible journey. Each person has added to what you see on the road but my body needs a break. All good things must come to an end.”
If you’re interested to see Noah’s journey from beginning to end, go to his Instagram page, “Noah On the Run” or his website, Run4Revival.org.

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