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Midwest carbon capture project would be largest in world

PIERRE, S.D.  — A new study shows that Summit Carbon Solutions’ proposed carbon capture, transportation, and storage project could mean almost $90 million in state and local tax income for South Dakota.

Summit Carbon Solutions has partnered with 32 ethanol plants– including Ringneck Energy at Onida– to develop the largest carbon capture and storage project in the world. This multi-billion-dollar infrastructure project would be built across Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. When completed, it would have the capacity to capture and permanently store 12 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, while also opening new markets for ethanol producers and bolstering the bottom line of corn growers.

In South Dakota, the proposed path of the pipeline project would go through 18 counties. Among the ones in the middle of the state are Sully, Hand, Hyde, Edmunds and McPherson. The projected new property tax dollars generated for those five counties ranges from over $370,000 in Hyde County to more than $1.1 million in McPherson County.

During the construction phase, Summit Carbon Solutions estimates a $795 million investment in South Dakota, with another $37 million in expenditures and $15 million in state and local taxes coming in during the operations phase.

Several key highlights include the following:

South Dakota Findings (Construction Phase)

Total South Dakota Investment $795 million
Total Labor Income in South Dakota $440 million
State and Local Taxes Paid by SCS (South Dakota) $74 million


South Dakota Findings (Operations Phase):

Annual South Dakota Expenditures $37 million
State and Local Taxes Paid by SCS (South Dakota) $15 million


South Dakota County-by-County Breakdown

The table below includes only those counties where the Summit Carbon Solutions’ project is proposed to operate. It represents the company’s total investment and the forecast for incremental annual property taxes generated.


County  Total Investment New Property Taxes
Beadle $71,283,925 $1,048,483
Brown $59,329,436 $872,650
Clark $29,500,206 $433,905
Codington $40,280,189 $592,463
Edmunds $56,593,355 $832,406
Hamlin $17,517,706 $257,660
Hand $41,727,502 $613,751
Hyde $25,253,493 $371,442
Kingsbury $39,281,891 $577,779
Lake $68,485,246 $1,007,318
Lincoln $30,995,381 $455,897
McCook $2,981,229 $43,850
McPherson $79,580,351 $1,170,511
Miner $20,264,847 $298,066
Minnehaha $36,662,542 $539,253
Spink $120,633,000 $1,774,000
Sully $50,451,917 $742,074
Turner $4,044,993 $59,496


Project-Wide Findings (Construction Phase)

Total Investment $3.7 billion
Total Investment (Iowa) $987 million
Total Investment (North Dakota) $898 million
Total Investment (South Dakota) $795 million
Total Investment (Nebraska) $541 million
Total Investment (Minnesota) $462 million
Total Average Annual Jobs Created 11,427
Total Federal, State, Local Taxes Paid by SCS $371 million
Expenditures to Suppliers, Contractors, and More $2.1 billion
Total Right-of-Way and Other Landowner Payments $309 million


Project-Wide Findings (Operations Phase)

Annual Expenditures $170 million
Total Jobs Supported 1,170
Expenditures to Suppliers, Contractors, and More $78 million
Total Federal, State, Local Taxes Paid by SCS $97 million

*These figures represent projections based on the current route of the proposed project and are subject to change.

The data– compiled by accounting and professional services company Ernst & Young– shows the pipeline project will create jobs, generate new tax revenue for communities, support local suppliers and strengthen the Midwest regional economy.

Jake Ketzner, Summit Carbon Solutions Vice President of Government and Public Affairs, says the tens of millions of dollars in new tax revenues generated by the pipeline project will help communities pay for roads, hospitals, first responders and more.

The full report along with state-by-state fact sheets can be found at www.SummitCarbonSolutions.com/driving-economic-growth.

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