Area cowboys, cowgirls compete at Wall Regional Rodeo

Sports StaffJune 6, 2021Sports
Wall Regional Rodeo Results

WALL, S.D. – Wall hosted their annual regional rodeo Saturday, with hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls on hand to compete.

You can listen to Breezy Millar’s report on both the Wall Regional and Buffalo Regional Rodeo here:

Here are results from Saturday:

Bareback Riding

Cooper Filipek, New Underwood    69
Kashton Ford, Sturgis Brown 65
Teigen Robertston, New Underwood 61

Barrel Racing

Landry Haugen, Sturgis Brown 16.725
Jonnie Anders, Wall 16.767
T Merrill, Wall 16.782
Shania Larive, Sturgis Brown 17.069
Tessa Caspers, New Underwood 17.100
Sidney Peterson, Sturgis Brown 17.195
Jaycie West, New Underwood 17.226
Presley Johnson, Sturgis Brown 17.233
Allison Clemetson, Hill City 17.287
Sophia Meyer, St Thomas More 17.351

Breakaway Roping

Shelby Derner, New Underwood 2.92
Landry Haugen, Sturgis Brown 3.06
Sierra Hilgenkamp, Wall 3.08
Kylene Baker, Hot Springs 3.39
Addison Kritenbrink, Custer 3.44
T Merrill, Wall 3.46
Jenna Elshere, Wall 3.67
Acelyn Brink, Harding Co 3.69
Kaitlin Gerard, Edgemont 4.71
Wregan Brown, Sturgis Brown 6.92

Bull Riding

Jestyn Woodward, Custer 72
Koyer Kelly, Sturgis Brown 42

Boy’s Cutting

Cedar Gabriel, Philip 70
Caden Stoddard, Kadoka 69
Carter Fortune, Wall 68
Colter Meeks, Hay Springs 67
Jakob Long, Faith 66

Goat Tying

T Merrill, Wall 7.79
Acelyn Brink, Harding Co 8.11
Isabel Risse, Bennett Co 8.39
Allison Clemetson, Hill City 9.05
Piper Cordes, Wall 9.05
Kylene Baker, Hot Springs 9.60
Jessica Woodward, Custer 10.17
Hollie Smith, New Underwood 10.57
Merika Dirk, RC Central 11.63
Taylor Price, Sturgis Brown 11.79

Girl’s Cutting

Elizabeth Haiar, RC Stevens 72

Jessica Woodward, Custer 70
Sidney Peterson, Sturgis Brown 69
Allison Clemetson, Hill City 68
Sophia Meyer, St Thomas More 67
Landry Haugen, Sturgis Brown 66
Ember Gabriel, Philip 65
Taylor Price, Sturgis Brown 62

Pole Bending

Tessa Caspers, New Underwood 21.119
Landry Haugen, Sturgis Brown 21.234
Camri Elshere, Wall 21.874
Jessica Woodward, Custer 21.919
T Merrill, Wall 22.278
Kellyn Shearer, Wall 22.329
Sidney Peterson, Sturgis Brown 22.469
Ember Gabriel, Philip 22.487
Lexi Long, Sturgis Brown 22.570
Jean Hart, Sturgis Brown 22.717

Reined Cow Horse

Cadell Brunsch, Hay Springs 147.0
Landry Haugen, Sturgis Brown 145.5
Elizabeth Haiar, RC Stevens 144.0
Jean Hart, Sturgis Brown 139.5
Garrett Glines, Chadron 136.5
Jimmie Hunt, RC Christian 135.0
Chase Brunsch, Chadron 134.5
Jakob Long, Faith 131.5
Colter Meeks, Hay Springs 125.0
Taylor Price, Sturgis Brown 122.5

Saddle Bronc

Talon Elshere, Sturgis Brown 69
Traylin Martin, Sturgis Brown 68
Jackson Ford, Sturgis Brown 63

Steer Wrestling

Jackson Ford, Sturgis Brown 6.35
Tegun Spring, Wall 7.72
Bridger Amiotte, Wall 7.73
Talon Elshere, Sturgis Brown 8.70
Teigen Robertson, New Underwood 9.13
Jade Byrne, Bennett Co 10.30
Eastan West, New Underwood 10.51
Quinn Moon, Wall 16.31
Trey Tetrault, Bennett Co 21.00

Team Roping

Gabe Glines, Chadron 7.44
Jade Byrne, Bennett Co 7.44

Garrett Glines, Chadron 8.57
Trevor Hartshorn, Custer 8.57

Talon Elshere, Sturgis Brown 9.31
Thayne Elshere, Sturgis Brown 9.31

Jaxon Hauk, Wall 9.72
Cedar Gabriel, Philip 9.72

Sierra Hilgenkamp, Wall 10.07
Matthew Heathershaw, Wall 10.07

Isabel Risse, Bennett Co 10.86
Sidney Peterson, Sturgis Brown 10.86

T Merrill, Wall 13.38
Cade Hammerstrom, New Underwood 13.38

Kaitlin Gerard, Edgemont 15.66
Traylin Martin, Sturgis Brown 15.66

Landry Haugen, Sturgis Brown 17.66
Acelyn Brink, Harding Co 17.66

Kipp Cordes, Wall 17.86
Piper Cordes, Wall 17.86

Tie Down Roping

Cade Hammerstrom, New Underwood 10.76
Rio Nutter, RC Central 11.89
Garrett Brewer, New Underwood 12.63
Gabe Glines, Chadron 13.02
Tegan Fite, Custer 15.71
Blair Blasius, Wall 16.20
Jade Byrne, Bennett Co 17.05
Stran Williams, Wall 19.58
Caden Stoddard, Kadoka 19.88
Eastan West, New Underwood 20.03