BLM Prescribed burning being conducted near Ft. Meade & Englewood

September 27, 2022News
BLM Prescribed burning being conducted near Ft. Meade & Englewood
STURGIS, S.D. – The BLM South Dakota Field Office plans to conduct prescribed burns on both the Fort Meade Recreation Area near Sturgis and Exemption Area near Englewood as soon as conditions permit.
The Fort Meade Recreation Area burn is planned for an area south of the Old Fort Meade VA cemetery; representing about 700 acres. Smoke may be visible from Interstate 90, State Highway 34, State Highway 79, and the city of Sturgis.
Burning in what is known as the “Exemption Area” is planned near Englewood, Powder House Pass Estates, and Sugarloaf Mountain. Approximately 300 acres is schedule for treatment. Smoke may be visible from Lead, Deadwood, and State Highway 85.
Burn objectives are to reduce hazardous fuels accumulations, reduce Ponderosa pine stand densities, and restore a more balanced pine-savanna habitat. Reducing plant litter, decadent grass, and fuel accumulations will also lower the likelihood or intensity of future wildfires in the area.
Burning will only take place when weather conditions are conducive to safe operations. Fire officials will monitor the current and forecasted weather to determine when conditions will be favorable. Multiple days of burning will be required to meet project objectives. The BLM will contact local authorities prior to any burning taking place.
For additional information call the South Dakota Field Office at 605-892-7000.