Farmer’s Market group applies for Vision Funds

News StaffSeptember 8, 2021Agriculture News

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Requests for Rapid City Vision Fund made in 2021 total more than $62 million.

The Black Hills Farmers Market is one of the 28 organizations that applied for funding through the project. For over 30 years, the market has highlighted local produce, meats and vendors, allowing them a place to showcase their products

They are requesting just over $1.2 million in funding for new facilities to help make the farmers market more available and accessible.

According to farmer’s market manager Barb Cromwell, the organization wants to build a market pavilion with half open-air and other half and indoor space, to allow the market to remain open year-round.

She said there are also increased opportunities with a partial indoor space that would allow for educational programs regarding ‘homegrown’, how to find gate-to-plate providers, along with other consumer tips for prep and/or preserving food.

All projects that have applied for Vision Fund resources are currently under review by a citizen’s committee. Recommendations for funds will be presented to officials in December. City Council will make their final decisions in early 2022.

Estimated revenue available for projects over the next three-year period is around $26 million.