Man sentenced for felony gun possession

News StaffNovember 25, 2022News

RAPID CITY, S.D.  – Brandon Tyon, 43 of Rapid City, was sentenced in federal court Tuesday for “possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.”

Besides 18 months in prison, Tyon will also serve three years of supervised release. Tyon pleaded guilty to the firearms charge in August.

In January 2021, was caught using methamphetamine. Then police found Tyon, who was a convicted felon, also had several guns. They were:

  • Springfield Incorporated, Springfield Armory trademark, model M1A SOCOM 16, 308 Winchester caliber, semi-automatic rifle
  • Raven Arms, model P25 (2nd Generation), .25 AUTO, semi-automatic pistol
  • Sturm, Ruger & Company Incorporated, model 10/22, .22 Long Rifle caliber, semi-automatic rifle
  • Smith & Wesson, model M&P Bodyguard 380, .380 AUTO caliber, semi-automatic pistol