Meade County Commission approves malt beverage license renewals; tackles highway matters

Gary MatthewsMay 10, 2022Local
Meade County Commission Meeting

STURGIS, S.D. – The Meade County Commission met today, and approved its annual malt -beverage license renewals and transfers.

The commission approved license renewals for 43 establishments and one transfer for Spur Enterprises.

The commission also approved all four 2022 applications for Temporary Rally Campgrounds. All applicants submitted the required information and fees collected for 2022 were $4,500. The four are Tilford Gulch Campground, Dragpipe Saloon, Arnie’s Acres, and Teachout’s Back 40.

In highway matters, the commission today also decided to delay a decision on a request to increase the load limit on a portion of North Haines Avenue.

BTC Bulk West is requesting a Load Limit increase on the southern most section of North Haines Avenue in Meade County. The annual axle weight limit for North Haines Avenue is 7 tons (14,000lbs).

BTC is requesting an axle weight limit increase to 8.25 tons (16,500lbs).

The company is planning to haul shale out of a pit and want to move their approach from the Pennington County side of the line to approximately 0.3 mile north of the line in Meade County.

The commission decided to delay action on the matter until discussion can take place on a road haul agreement.

Meade County’s highway superintendent had mentioned in light of the current condition of North Haines Avenue, and the proposed full reconstruction of the asphalt portion of the road, he didn’t believe it was the right time to increase load limits.

Also, the commission today approved an agreement with the D.O.T. that will provide striping and maintenance on some county roads.

Under the agreement, the State would provide a cost-share for the striping and maintenance of approximately 22.6 miles of County roads. The estimated total cost of the project is $36,325.58, with the State providing $6,428.91, leaving $29,896.66 as the County’s share.

In addition, Meade County will be included in the RSI (Roadway Improvement Program) Project for the striping of approximately 90.5 miles of County roads, at an estimated cost of $33,280.71. Federal funds will pay for 100% of eligible costs. This is only for roads with Average Daily Traffic greater than 500 vehicles.