Talk on the sidewalk – Sturgis Council discussing sidewalk ordinance

Gary MatthewsNovember 18, 2021Local
file/courtesy photoSturgis Council discussing sidewalk ordinance

STURGIS, S.D. – The Sturgis City Council has begun discussion on revisions to its sidewalks ordinance.

Sturgis City Manager Daniel Ainslie says they are looking at making some changes to coincide with state law and to address some concerns from residents.

“We are trying to shorten the process so that if someone needs to make repairs to a sidewalk so that, because it’s either broken down or heaving from tree roots or maybe it’s no A.D.A. compliant, we would be able to, if we receive a complaint, we could do an inspection and send a notice to the property owner if needed.”

Ainslie says the property owner would then be responsible for repair.

However, he says, because that can get expensive, the city wants to be able to provide some help.

“In Sturgis, what we’ve done for 10 years now, is we provide a no interest loan to property owners so they can have several years to pay that off.”

Ainslie says homeowners should also be aware that it is their responsibility to keep their sidewalks free from ice and snow in the winter.

The council has not yet held a reading on any of the proposed revisions.