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Show winners from annual Newell Ewe & Ram Show & Sale announced

NEWELL, SD – The 77th Newell Ewe & Ram Show was held Sept. 15 and hosted sheep producers from seven states. Breeds consigned included Rambouillet, Targhee, Columbia, Corriedale, Suffolk, Hampshire, and Dorset.

Rambouillet Champion Ewe- Lot # 77 Crawford Rambouillet, Pipestone, MN  – Yearling Ewe

Rambouillet Reserve Champion Ewe-Lot # 47 Dry Creek Rambouillet, Hot Springs, SD – Yearling Ewe

Rambouillet Champion Ram-Lot #44 Dry Creek Rambouillet  – Yearling Stud Ram

Rambouillet Reserve Champion Ram-Lot # Burton Anderson, Highmore, SD


Columbia Champion Ewe- Lot # 89 NDSU – Hettinger Research Extension Center, Hettinger, ND – Yearling Ewe

Columbia Reserve Champion Ewe-Lot # 94 Steinmetz Columbias, Hot Springs, SD – Yearling Ewe

Columbia Champion Ram-Lot # 87 NDSU Hettinger Research Extension Center – Yrlng stud ram

Columbia Reserve Champion Ram- Lot # 2 Steinmetz Columbias – yrlng stud ram


Corriedale Champion Ewe-Lot# 84 Phillippi Corriedales, Hammond, MT Ewe Lamb

Corriedale Reserve Champion Ewe-Lot# 83 Phillippi Corriedales – Fall Ewe

Corriedale Champion Ram-Lot# 81 Phillippi Corriedales – Yrlng Stud Ram


Suffolk Champion Ewe-Lot# 109 Dave Pearson , Hettinger, ND – Yearling Ewe

Suffolk Reserve Champion Ewe-Lot# 110 Dave Pearson – Fall Ewe

Suffolk Champion Ram-Lot# 106 Dave Pearson – stud lamb

Suffolk Reserve Champion Ram-Lot# 133 Rufus and Patty Dezeeuw, Elkton, SD, stud lamb

Targhee Champion Ram – Lot 7 Chip Dye, Alzada, MT – yearling stud ram

Dorset Champion Ram-Lot #182 Burton & Laura Anderson , Highmore, SD, yrlng stud ram


Hampshire Champion Ewe-Lot# 155 James Valley Stock Farm, LaMoure, ND – Ewe Lamb

Hampshire Reserve Champion Ewe-Lot# 166 Promise Kept Farm, Cannon Falls, MN – Ewe Lamb

Hampshire Champion Ram-Lot # 160 Peterson Sheep Co. Doug & Lindi Peterson, Fruitdale, SD – Stud Lamb

Hampshire Reserve Champion Ram-Lot# 136 Chapman Hampshire, Bison, SD – Stud Lamb

Reserve Champion Pair of Ewes- Lot# 112 Suffolk Fall Ewe Pair – Dave Pearson

Supreme Fleece was won by Buffalo, WY producers Forbes, Rabel, & McGivny Rambouillets.


Supreme Champion Ram –    Lot # 44 Dry Creek Rambouillet, Hot Springs, SD, Yearling Stud Ram

Reserve Champion   Ram-   Lot# Phillippi Corriedales Hammond, MT – Yrlng Stud Ram

Supreme Champion Ewe-    Lot# 77 Rambouillet Yearling Ewe – Crawford Rambouillet, Pipestone, MN

Reserve Champion Ewe-   Lot# 166 Hampshire Ewe Lamb – Promise Kept Farm – Tim & Kathy Coss, Cannon Falls, MN

Supreme Champion Pair of Ewes-Lot# 156 Hampshire Ewe Lamb Pair – James Valley Stock Farm, LaMoure, ND

Premier Pen of Range Rams-    Lot# 61 from Flying O Sheep – Dave, Holly, Tate and Finn Ollila, Newell.

Supreme Fleece- Forbes, Rabel and McGivney, Buffalo, WY

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