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Sturgis mother of teen assaulted scared, concerned

STURGIS, S.D. – A Sturgis mother says she was scared and concerned when she learned her daughter had been assaulted by at least two teenagers Tuesday afternoon.

Ursula Ward says her heart broke after getting a call asking if her daughter should be taken to the emergency room because she was attacked by a group of teens. Ward was working in Eagle Butte at the time and says the drive home to be with her daughter was one of the most agonizing of her life. She even flagged down a policeman to come with her to the hospital to get Ella’s story.

Ward believes the teens involved lured Ella to an area behind the Sturgis Community Center and attacked her, one juvenile using a cell phone to tape the attack.

The video shows Ella being pulled out of her car, and at least two teens begin throwing punches at her. After the attack, Ursula says her daughter drove herself to the high school parking lot where she called a friend. That friend took her to the emergency room.

Ursula says she has reported the incident to police as well as the school district.

Although the incident happened off school property, she wants the district to be proactive to such behavior.

Sturgis Police say they are investigating the incident, which was recorded on a cell phone and was going viral by Wednesday morning.

As for Ella, numerous bruises could be seen on her face Wednesday night, but along with the pain was the question of “why.” She doesn’t know why the people she thought were her friends would resort to violence to solve a problem.

Concern and well wishes have been pouring in for the family in the aftermath of the incident.

Ursula says she can’t thank people enough for caring.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family pay medical expenses as well as to possibly retain an attorney to pursue battery charges against those involved.

That page can be found here:


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