Western South Dakota's Only Ranch Station


USDA, along with both the dairy and beef industries have been working together to quell any public fears of contaminated milk or beef from the virus outbreak in dairy cows.
These market movements underscore the challenges and volatility faced by livestock markets in the wake of health scares, and the importance of rigorous safety measures to maintain consumer confidence in meat products.
States where import restrictions were put in place immediately after the virus was detected in Texas and New Mexico have not reported any cases of infection in dairy herds.


Rapid City, US
3:02 am, June 16, 2024
temperature icon 63°F
clear sky
Humidity 41 %
Pressure 1007 mb
Wind 35 mph
Wind Gust: 51 mph
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 5:09 am
Sunset: 8:38 pm
Kierra Killinger

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