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Thursday Wrestling Scores – Douglas goes 3-0 at Quad

UNDATED – In High School Wrestling action on Thursday, January 18, the Douglas Patriots went 3-0 at the St Thomas More Quad.

The Patriots defeated St Thomas More 72 to 6, Red Cloud 78-0 and Hill City 72-0.

In other scores, St Thomas More defeated Hill City 60 to 0 and Red Cloud 2 to 12.

Hill City got one dual victory with a 24-18 win over Red Cloud.

In other action:

At the Spearfish Triangular, the Spartans defeated Hot Springs 62-24 and Lead-Deadwood 45-25. Lead-Deadwood got a 40-33 win over Hot Springs in the day’s third dual.



285: Alex Cudmore (SPEA) over Braden Yeager (HOSP) (Fall 0:51) 106: Zach Bell (HOSP) over (SPEA) (For.) 113: Michael Zoller (SPEA) over Micah Burchfield (HOSP) (Dec 4-1) 120: John Jeffery (SPEA) over Dean Nathan (HOSP) (Fall 1:41) 126: Mason Schmitz (SPEA) over (HOSP) (For.) 132: Parker Graveman (SPEA) over Holden Luper (HOSP) (TF 17-1 4:00) 138: Kaden Gonzales (SPEA) over Jonathan Pellicotte (HOSP) (Fall 2:32) 144: Mick Bosh (SPEA) over Gabe Maurer (HOSP) (Fall 1:43) 150: Dominick Mills (SPEA) over (HOSP) (For.) 157: Aiden Kracht (SPEA) over Thor Fish (HOSP) (Fall 0:51) 165: Jacob Ellingson (SPEA) over (HOSP) (For.) 175: Hunter Kunz (HOSP) over Evan Wilson (SPEA) (Fall 2:59) 190: Markus Medina (SPEA) over Owen White (HOSP) (Fall 3:55) 215: Caleb Rickenbach (HOSP) over (SPEA) (For.)


113: Parker Millard (LEDE) over Michael Zoller (SPEA) (MD 11-3) 120: John Jeffery (SPEA) over Luke Harris (LEDE) (Fall 1:59) 126: Drew Janke (LEDE) over Mason Schmitz (SPEA) (Fall 0:33) 132: Parker Graveman (SPEA) over peyton percy (LEDE) (Fall 3:00) 138: Mekhi Hayes (LEDE) over Kaden Gonzales (SPEA) (Dec 6-1) 144: Miles Renner (LEDE) over Mick Bosh (SPEA) (Fall 3:09) 150: Dominick Mills (SPEA) over Zade Seaman (LEDE) (Dec 10-8) 157: Aiden Kracht (SPEA) over (LEDE) (For.) 165: David Doren (SPEA) over (LEDE) (For.) 175: Jacob Ellingson (SPEA) over Ethan Hess (LEDE) (Fall 4:59) 190: Dylan Meade (LEDE) over (SPEA) (For.) 215: Markus Medina (SPEA) over (LEDE) (For.) 285: Alex Cudmore (SPEA) over (LEDE) (For.)


106: Zach Bell (HOSP) over (LEDE) (For.) 113: Parker Millard (LEDE) over Micah Burchfield (HOSP) (Fall 1:06) 120: Luke Harris (LEDE) over Dean Nathan (HOSP) (MD 17-4) 126: Drew Janke (LEDE) over (HOSP) (For.) 132: Holden Luper (HOSP) over peyton percy (LEDE) (Dec 17-10) 138: Mekhi Hayes (LEDE) over Dain Alldredge (HOSP) (Fall 1:09) 144: Miles Renner (LEDE) over Jonathan Pellicotte (HOSP) (Fall 0:31) 150: Zade Seaman (LEDE) over Gabe Maurer (HOSP) (Fall 1:45) 157: Thor Fish (HOSP) over (LEDE) (For.) 175: Hunter Kunz (HOSP) over Ethan Hess (LEDE) (Fall 2:58) 190: Dylan Meade (LEDE) over Von Mogen-Frankfort (HOSP) (Fall 3:55) 215: Owen White (HOSP) over (LEDE) (For.) 285: Caleb Rickenbach (HOSP) over (LEDE) (For.)

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