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Beef Quality Assurance Program
The Beef Quality Assurance program is a key educational initiative for ranchers and dairy farmers in South Dakota. It connects producers with the latest research and animal care techniques, aiming to improve the overall quality of beef production.

BQA Certification Available On Line And In Person

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certification stands as a cornerstone for cattle producers aiming to enhance their livestock management and sustainability practices.

With a focus on ensuring the highest standards of care and management, BQA offers two convenient certification or recertification paths: an accessible online course and detailed in-person training sessions.

Online Learning: A Click Away

Available 24/7, the online BQA course provide a comprehensive yet flexible way to obtain or renew your certification at no cost. This platform is ideal for busy producers seeking quality education at their own pace.

In-Person Expertise: Learning from the Best

For those preferring direct interaction and hands-on learning, in-person BQA training offers invaluable insights. Led by certified BQA trainers, these sessions are advertised on the SDSU Extension events calendar and involve a registration fee.

Cattlemen are welcome to attend BQA certification trainings beyond their state borders, embodying the program’s commitment to flexibility and accessibility.

South Dakota warmly welcomes out-of-state producers to its sessions, emphasizing the nationwide appeal and recognition of BQA certification.

Certified South Dakota BQA Trainers offer more than just certification; they provide standard operating procedures, employee training materials, and essential BQA records templates.

They also guide producers through voluntary on-farm assessments to refine their management practices.

Addie Womack, the South Dakota State BQA Coordinator, is your go-to source for cattle quality assurance programs, including checking certification status, renewing it, and organizing a BQA Feedyard Assessment.

In embracing BQA certification, producers commit to the highest standards of cattle care and quality, ensuring a sustainable future for the beef industry.

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