Meade County Voters reject increasing the number of county medical marijuana licenses

Gary MatthewsAugust 30, 2022Local
Tuesday Special Election

STURGIS, S.D. – Voters in Meade County Tuesday voted down a petition that had sought to force the county to offer more than one medical cannabis license.

The petition sought up to three medical marijuana dispensary licenses as well as up to three separate licenses for cultivation, cannabis testing and product manufacturing facilities.

The county’s ordinance allows just one medical cannabis dispensary license and it has already been awarded.

The vote for more licenses failed by a nearly 2 to 1 margin with 1,426 people voting no and 719 voting yes.

Meade County Commission Chair Rod Bradley had the current single license meets the needs of voters.

Across the state, there are a total of about 2,500 medical cannabis patients.

In a second issue on Tuesday’s special election ballot, voters approved adding a portion of the Buffalo Chip Campground to the Rural Meade Ambulance District.

Landowners had asked to be included in the district, which is served by the Sturgis Ambulance Service.

A vote of the current members in the district was needed to approve the request. It passed by a vote of 190 to 127.

The Meade County Commission will meet in special session on September 2nd to canvass and certify the vote totals.