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Stockgrowers, Wall Meats, Edoff Ranch provide local beef to Boys Club

RAPID CITY, SD – A special beef delivery was made to the Rapid City Club for Boys through a collaboration of supporters who want to put locally-produced meat on the tables of local people.

Wall Meat Processing, Wall, SD, helped launch the first Beef-to-School Program in South Dakota two years ago. It allows for locally raised beef to be processed and included in the Wall School Lunch Program. The program has now expanded into many schools and local businesses.

Now, the same program is being introduced into the Rapid City Club for Boys through a collaborative effort between long-time supporters, the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association (SDSGA), a rancher member and Wall Meat Processing.

President of the SDSGA Association, Scott Edoff, donated beef from his ranch and Wall Meats Processing processed and packaged the beef.

Edoff who is SDSGA President, says, “It’s great. I’ve been here before and I’ve seen all the boys running and playing. We have donated money in the past to the Club and it’s great. They need all the help they can get. It’s a great charity, a great bunch. It’s really been a joint effort on a lot of people’s part.”

Mark Kline, executive assistant at the Rapid City Club for Boys.

Mark Kline began attending the club in 1971. He is now the Assistant Executive.  According to Kline, the SDSGA has donated money to the Club for Boys since the 1970’s.  “We’ve talked for a couple of years about getting local beef to the Boys Club. He added, “The Stockgrowers have supported us for a long time. This program gets better beef to our kids. It’s locally grown, it’s 85/15 % fat so that’s a wonderful thing and it gives jobs to the community…all around it’s a good project.”

Tif Robertson, the Beef to School representative, Stockgrower member and rancher says, “The need is growing. As local ranchers, we obviously want to get our beef into more people’s refrigerators.”

The ground beef recently delivered to the Rapid City Club for Boys totals over 600 pounds. Kline estimates it will last about seven months.

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